When a woman reaches a certain age, she expects certain things to be going on in her life. By the age of 25, a woman may expect her to be married, have a house, a good career, and a family to call her own and that she can be proud of. As time goes on, if a woman does not have what she wants by a certain age, then there may be an infertility problem that may require an infertility treatment to get the ball rolling on her getting pregnant and becoming a mother.

Age Is More Than A State Of Mind

Understanding how Age can Affect Fertility

Age can affect the body in ways that women may not be aware of. Fertility is often one of the first things to go especially as a woman starts to get older. If a doctor suspects that a woman has infertility problems then he or she may recommend infertility treatments that can help deal with the problems.

However, age is a huge factor in getting pregnant, and here is more information on how age can affect whether a woman is fertile or not:

  • A woman in her 20’s:

When a woman in in her 20’s, this is an ideal age that does not require any kind of infertility treatment because her body is just right for getting pregnant and carrying a baby. Typically, a woman who is only in her 20’s can get pregnant successfully if she tries for at least a period of six months to a year. Sometimes, if a woman tries for at least a year without becoming pregnant, than she needs to go to her doctor, who then may begin to test to see if she is fertile or has infertility issues.

  • A woman in her 30’s:

A woman who is in her 30’s is still at a good age to get pregnant, and her body should be able to handle a baby just fine. However, if a woman tries for at least six months, and nothing happens, then this may be the time to talk to a doctor. Remember, by the time a woman is 30, her body is going to begin changing, and six months is the maximum she should try to get pregnant before going to see a doctor.

  • A woman that is over 40:

A woman that is 40 should go have a long talk with her doctor because she may need infertility treatments just to start the process of getting pregnant. By the time a woman is 40, her body is not the same as it was when she as 20, and those differences are going to play a big role in a woman’s ability to get pregnant.

When it comes to certain things like wine, and cheese, age is great because the longer those things age, the better they will be. However, age is the enemy of a woman that is trying to get pregnant, and she may end up having to end up getting an infertility treatment in order for her to fulfill her goal of having a baby and starting a family.

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