Dental implants have been used since decades now and moreover the method of classical implantation has been widely used in dental practice since the 80’s. Being in use for so many years, this is a trusted method by many patients and is advised by many dentists as well. However, patients who have undergone the implantation with this technique, you need to be prepared for a very prolonged course of treatment, which can last more than 1 year.

Classical implantation generally takes a few months, so the patient needs to be prepared for the prolonged treatment. Before surgery it is important to exclude possible contraindications to reduce the effects after implantation to a minimum.

Classical Method Of  Dental Implantation

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The classical implantation may often require bone augmentation, which increases the duration of treatment for another six months.

In the process of classic dental implantation the following rules must be observed:

  • After the removal or loss of the tooth 1.5 to 3 months must pass;

  • It is necessary to carry out the mandatory bone augmentation in cases where there the implantation failed;

  • The installation of the implant is to be held in at least 5 months after bone augmentation;

  • Installing a crown on the implant is acceptable, in at least 4 months after the implantation in the mandible and in 6 months in the upper jaw.

The system of classical implantation is carried out with the use of modern systems of MIS Israeli Medical Implant System. Specific system and subsystem and the size is chosen by dental experts for medical reasons.

The process is divided into four stages as mentioned below:

  • Preparing the patient for surgery, the treatment of the teeth, gums, bone augmentation, if necessary (if it is not secure enough to the implant). the bone building stage lasts for about 5 months;
  • The graft of the implants artificial root is mounted directly to the bone. One tier takes an average of about 4 to 5 months are required for engraftment of the implant (it should grow together with the bone tissue).
  • The disclosure of the implant (the gums are cut and the tip of the implant is laid bare), the installation of the abutment. The stage takes up to 1 to 2 weeks;
  • The fabrication and installation of the dental crowns.

Despite the prolonged treatment, classical implantation has its obvious advantages over the other methods. It is the most verified method in implant dentistry today, and in the dental prosthetics for the implants installed with the classical method, there is a very large selection of orthopedic solutions (can be installed on a single implant crowns, bridges and dentures through a wide range of adapters).

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