Swimming back and forth, as well as various strength training sessions should allow us to strengthen our muscles. However, these activities could be rather boring. For some people, it is also not exciting to continuously pump iron in indoors situation surrounded by other testosterone-fuelled people. It would be a good idea for us to start new activities and kitesurfing is probably a form of alternative sports that could suite our taste. It is something that many people can do, not just those in their teens and 20’s.

A quick search on YouTube will show us people who drive along the coast with colourful flying objects. Kitesurfing is usually performed in coastal areas and we could find that people in their 40’s doing this kind of activities. In fact, kitesurfing is adequate for people in the fifties. Kitesurfing is among the most natural things we could do. Watching people doing kitesurfing is exciting enough and we should do it on our own. We could do this activity without suffering excessive amount of pain.

However, there are some aspects about kitesurfing that we need to know. It is usually considered inappropriate to borrow kitesurfing equipments from others. It could be considered as out of question. Borrowing a kite from other people isn’t something we should do, especially if we are a beginner.

It is like borrowing an expensive sports car when we barely know how to drive. Our first step is to book the kitesurfing course and we could use a trainer kite on the beach. The trainer kite for kitesurfing is essentially a smaller foil kite that’s only 2.5 square meters in size. Even so, for the inexperienced, these kites could give them harsh treatment. We would immediately know piloting a kite is different with driving a car or riding a bike. If we want to turn left, we need to pull our right arm toward us and the left arm is extended. Obviously, if we want to turn left, we could do the opposite.

The basic concept of kitesurfing should be quite simple. After we are proficient with it, we could use a larger kite to go into the water. Even if we have handled trainer kite quite well, we will know that the power of full-size kite is quite immense. People who try the professional-sized kite for the first time will find that they and the kite aren’t friends at all. It could be compared with riding a wild horse and we could be thrown off balance more than a few times.

It is obviously not comfortable to land in the water with the kite dragging us, although fortunately, water is more forgiving than the hard, sandy beach. With some effort, we should be able to surf enough distance. When we are able to control the kite for the first time, the feeling can be quite intoxicating. Beginners will feel that their body is quite tender from the punishment that they endure, but after repeated session, our body will be stronger.

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