In the past, hats where considered as the symbol of social status, mostly worn by army officers and wealthy people. However, with the passing years, they have become mainstream fashion accessories, and are accessible to just about anyone. In addition to protecting your face and eyes from harsh glare of the sun, they also tell a lot about your fashion statement and personality.
The types of hats
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The types of hats available are as follows:-

  • Fitted – These are supposed to fit the size of head just right. Measure yourself and buy.
  • Snapback – They were a craze before the fitted ones were introduced in the market.
  • Strapback- It comes with an adjustable strap that allows losing or tightening the bonnet.
  • 5-panels – These are the descendants of cycling caps.
  • Trucker- They have following benefits:-
    • Especially designed for truckers and farmers
    • They are breathable
    • Good for the people, who work in fields

Materials used for making hats
Following are the materials that are used for making hats:-

  • Cotton- Fabric that is comfortable and good to use daily
  • Wool – Base is the sheep hair and is real soft and flexible
  • Acrylic – They are resistant to moths, sunshine and glare
  • Felt – The material is used for making fedora, yurts and bowler hats
  • Nylon- Invented in 1935, this material is used a lot to make hats.
  • Straw – This is an oldest material used for making hats.
  • Metal- They are used by real strong people, imagine a soldier wearing it.

How to wear it?
The best way is to measure your head first, before taking a step ahead. It is good to know your size. This way you may buy the right hat either for everyday or occasional or special use. For this all you need is a measuring tape. Check the circumference of the area right above your ears and eyebrows. You may measure the measurement either in inches or centimeters. Once you are done with the measurement, order it.  Before you wear it, remember to remove the tag and sticker off the hat.
People feel great and pumped up, when they wear the hats with logos of top sports brands. It is considered to be real cool, and never fails to get appreciated in their friend circles.
The hat that you wish to buy must complement you and your persona. It is extremely important to blend things together else the wrong equation may make you look really funny.
Correct investment will add to your overall confidence and style. The fact is that you must wear the hat and not the hat wearing you.
There are many options of head gear to explore. Hats have an ability to build a statement. They effortlessly communicate, lift the style, and disclose lots about the wearer. Different hat kinds display different kinds of personalities, which is true when you put one on your head. Therefore make sure to select the right one and look adorable.

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