My husband and I bought a fixer-upper home about a year ago. Ever since then we’ve been looking for ways to improve the appearance of the exterior of the home, but in a way that makes the place stand out as a unique addition to the neighborhood. Right now, though, we’re focused on the interior of the home and are considering whether or not French doors will improve the look and feel of the dining and living areas. We’re also considering using them on the back deck to complement our sitting and garden area.
Lanai doors are similar to french doors but are a bit more artistic. They’re another option we’re considering. There’s a certain level of craftsmanship that goes into the creation of lanai doors and we’re considering using them in at least one area of the home as well. Another thought is to have a door with a louver installed between two main rooms to increase some of the light flow through the home.
The benefit of Lanai doors over French doors is the unique way Lanai doors can be cut. The craftsmanship involved allows the doors to be cut and shaped to fit any size opening, even if you want them in a corner or odd-shaped space.
It sort of seems like there’s no competition between Lanai and French doors. I am imagining a wrap around glass door in our breakfast nook area, but I like the old-world feel of French doors. I think I’ll have to choose areas of my home that are more contemporary (like the kitchen) for Lanai and then save the French doors for the garden area – maybe even the bedroom.
Adding Light to the Home
Like I said before, adding some light is something I’d like to consider as well. French doors can be limited by the size of the wall or the space available, while Lanai doors are easier to customize and install. They’re more versatile.
As far as French doors go, they wouldn’t really work in my kitchen area. The door in that part of the homes goes to the backyard and French doors typically swing into the home, not out. This means we’d lose precious space in our dining area – something we can’t really afford. Lanai doors can be made either way, so we could ensure they swing out without inhibiting the functionality of the room.
Looking Modern Elegance
A lot of the houses in my area were built by developers, so even though ours is run-down, the general layout is similar to all of the others. Lanai doors would probably make the house stand out a little bit more than French doors.
At the end of the day, it seems like Lanai doors are more functional than Lanai because they can be tailored so well. They offer a different look and a different style. That said, I’m still not sure what I’d like to do. I feel like I’m drowning in a sea of door choices.
What type of door do you have on your home? Do yo have anything fancy like French or Lanai doors? Do you have other suggestions?

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