When someone is looking to find the number 1 solicitors for accident claims, they need to find someone that will give them the peace of mind of knowing their claim is being handled quickly and efficiently.

To achieve this they need to no who the no 1 solicitors for accident claims is and they can only find that out by doing some research into the different law firms that offer personal injury claims services.

Looking on the Internet

If the victim who was injured in an accident that was not their fault, puts into the search engine of their computer no 1 solicitors for accidents claims, they will be faced with a multitude of different companies all saying they are the best.  They need to look into the different companies because as with all industries there are some who are good and some who are not so good.

How To Find The No 1 Solicitors For Accident Claims


They need to know that the law firm they choose will act with integrity at all times.  Having a solicitor that does things that are not quite right can only be a hindrance in the claim process, and could actually mean the claim being lost.  It is not just the other legal representatives they need to be honest with, but also the victim.  Honesty and openness will make the victim feel much more at ease with the legal processes that are being carried out on their behalf.


The victim needs to be able to rely on the solicitor to do what they say they will when they say they will.  If a victim is already traumatised by the accident they were injured in, promises do to things that are then not done will be a lot more stressful than under normal circumstances.


Victims need to be able to depend on their solicitor at all times.  Simple things like returning a phone call can be really important.  If the person you need to speak to is engaged when you call, they should call you back as soon as possible.  If they cannot be depended on them to do something so easy, how can they be depended on to deal with anything else to do with a claim for compensation?


A solicitor is acting on behalf of the victim and basically doing things in the name of the claimant.  They need to be accountable for their actions so that the victim can feel confident that everthing that can be done is being done in a proper manner.

Finding a Solicitor who Works to these 4 Key Principles

Adhering to these four key principles will ensure that the needs of the claimants are put first so they receive the highest quality customer service. Accident Advice Helpline is strict about these rules, as well ashaving a helpline that never closes and expert friendly advisors who are ready and willing to help with your personal injury compensation claim.

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