Why Email Is the Best Mobile Ad NetworkAre you looking for a way to increase the traffic to your site? There are many options out there, but a mobile ad network will allow you to reach your audience wherever they are. Out of all of the ways to integrate mobile ad networking into your marketing plan, email is the most effective for many reasons.

Mobile Devices Are Everywhere

Mobile devices are everywhere. People of all ages have mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops. This allows users to browse the internet, as well as to check in on their email. Mobile devices make it easy for owners to stay connected wherever they are.
They are no longer limited to accessibility at specific times or places, and neither are you. Users can browse the internet on their tablet during their lunch break. They can check email while sitting on a beach. Basically, they can run a business on the go without stepping foot in an office.
 People Have Signed Up for Email
One of the reasons email is the most effective form of mobile ad networking is because many people have access to it. Out of the people who have access to email, many of them use their email daily or multiple times per week. Any time a user opens an email to correspond with a business associate, your banner could appear. When using email for your mobile ad network needs, you can target specific devices and browsers. You can also decide who will view your mobile ads, giving you a more specific audience.
Since the users have all signed up for their email account, they are a more wiling audience. This will help keep you from putting off an audience that is unwilling to receive or view your ads. With an already willing audience, you will receive more active engagement for your mobile ads, giving you the increased traffic you desire.

Dynamic Duo
When you combine widespread use of email with the easy accessibility of mobile devices, you get a dynamic duo that makes marketing easy. When you use email as your mobile ad network, you are able to access a network that touches people of all walks of life around the world. There are millions of people who have access to email, both for personal and work purposes. Multiply that my multiple times per week and it is plain to see your ads get in front of your audience plenty.
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Faith Stewart writes for a variety of business and technology websites.

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