There is no dearth of online real estate portal coming up with the promises, but most them find it difficult to stand by it, but has proved that they are long term players with the business acumen they exhibited and the growth they achieved and they are in a way successful to cater to real estate requirement of the people. Be it you are looking for a paying guest accommodation in Chandivali or anywhere, you will never be disappointed if you check out the app.

From where you Download Android App?

To download android application, you should do nothing more than to visit the application store and download it.

How it Serves to find the PG Settlement

Simple Navigation

The uniqueness of the application is that it lives up to expectations just as quick with 2G association and 3G. So smooth route improve your hunt speed.

Find The Better PG House By Android App

Marvelous Filters

The application furnishes you with the choice of streamline your pursuit with amazing channels. All you are required to do is select the administration decide on your city and hit the pursuit catch. Through the channels you can redo your pursuit on the parameters like rent, rooms, pleasantries and different needs.

Double Mode Look Alternatives

At first the query items get showed on records with the alternative on top to swap for guide view, where the properties are plotted on maps. Tapping to the properties either structure the rundown or from the guide, takes you to the points of interest page with the depictions and other important data needed to shortlist the PG settlement.

Verified Listings just transfers properties which are by and by gone by and checked by their in – house group. Alongside that they additionally click pictures of the room from distinctive points, to furnish you with the look and feel of the inner parts. Tapping the picture opens the photograph exhibition, where you can check all the photos of the property.


The appraisals gives you the comprehension of the regions and neighborhood. While picking PG settlement it’s additionally essential to guarantee that the territory is likewise secured and lived by the like – minded individuals. Additionally, it’s inferred that the youths like to hang out with their companions in shopping centers, café, motion picture theaters and so forth…consequently a point of interest data about the areas will doubtlessly one of the imperative perspectives.


Maps give the careful topographical area of the property and the replacement joins with the city. Everybody would want to get a PG adjacent school or educational costs to guarantee less voyaging. Maps likewise demonstrate to you the separation between your picked focuses.

Social Sharing

In the event that you need to impart the data about your favored PG with any of your companions of relatives, you have the a single click offer alternatives with them on the long range informal communication stages like whatsapp, facebook and so on.

Shortlisting and Contacting the Property en-lister

You have a single click shortlisting alternative and additionally contact the proprietor or the operators who has recorded the property.

The essential wow element is this application is each data is simply a click away… Well what else you need to get yourself a respectable PG… Even gateway is additionally stuffed with inventive features and they are constantly reachable at 03 – 333 – 333 – 333