The year 2020 is just around the corner. Everyone is busy preparing for the New Year to come. A time when new resolutions and new plans tend to shape expectations of changes that may manifest in days ahead. But what does it mean for the business world? How would the turn of the year affect the world of the internet? What do we expect in the arenas of entrepreneurship and technology?

Today, we will discuss a few things about one area which is bound to see more change come it’s way next year – online content – and we will see as to what type of content may become the most popular in 2020.


Number one on the list is definitely memes. It is all about memes these days. Everyone is scrolling through their feeds in search of hilarious and funny memes as a good part of the time they spend on social media. Why? Simple and basic humor that appeals to the desire to de-stress tends to bring a few moments of light-heartedness and relief after a hectic day at work. Thus we all turn to our mobile devices to seek diversion in some form or the other.

This popularity is anticipated to continue growing in the upcoming years as people become more and more aware of the multi-faceted benefit memes carry. Albeit most are directed at only making others laugh their hearts out, some people do actually make memes to deliver messages which cannot be otherwise conveyed.


Everyone is crazy about blogs these days. The number of people reading blogs is going up at a very fast pace. Blogs tell people about experiences from varied viewpoints whether it is their interaction with products or services or any other subject under the sky. It helps them disseminate information, ideas, and views thereby contributing to the shaping of mass opinion.

As we turn the 2020 leaf, blogs will become even more popular. A vast audience checks out the blog section on a website they visit with the purpose of gaining more authentic information than already reaches through the web content on other pages – quite naturally they seek as much knowledge as possible about any the service or product on offer before making a decision to purchase or subscribe.

Blogs can, therefore, contribute massively to the conversion of leads. Once people read about something of another individual’s experience with a certain product or service, they are naturally more likely to feel better informed and make an active choice. So, do not take blogs lightly.


Everywhere we look, there is some form of visual message or imagery promoting its content to us. People are simply obsessed with pictures. According to research, Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat stand as the most popular visual platforms at the end of 2019.

The grownups love to stream videos or simply watch their favorite shows online as a way to entertain, while the younger generation is fascinated by the opportunities of social interaction afforded by platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat, posting selfies and group photos, so on and so forth.

With high tech imagery now possible, and within the reach of many, visuals are bound to continue as a strong enhancer of user experience driving more authentic engagement among the audience.

Video Content

With the soaring popularity of YouTube and widely available high-speed internet services such as Spectrum internet services, video content like its counterpart i.e. visual content is definitely climbing the ladder of mass popularity fast.

With AR on its way to becoming mainstream, and the upcoming 5G technology rolling out for mass usage, the attraction of HD video can be only expected to grow – especially as new tech continues to become more common and easily accessible.

People will engage in uploading and downloading new content more often than not. For people who love expressing themselves, it is one of the most convenient and effective mediums that allows them to share their message with the world. After all, according to a study in 2018, 85% of internet users mainly use the service for watching YouTube videos on their devices. Pretty huge, right?

No wonder almost everyone on the planet is addicted to streaming services. Watching our favorite TV shows or documentaries online has become part of our lives, progressively reshaping the way TV has been watched for decades. No one wants to rent a DVD anymore or go to the cinema to watch a movie. Rather they prefer to stay in the comfort of their home and find means of entertainment online.

As a result, streaming services are booming. New and improved services are entering the market frequently, trying to capture audiences by offering various genres of video content.


A picture is worth a thousand words. Living by this philosophy, infographics are gaining huge popularity which by all means will continue in 2020.

Reading long reports and paragraphs is simply boring. People prefer looking at images that take less time as far as assimilating information and are also more appealing to the eye. Infographics present an antidote to this. They represent important information in pictorial form for viewers to see so they do not get bored and are educated at the same time.


There is a multitude of people out there who enjoy reading but cannot get their hands on copies of their favorite books. eBooks have made this issue a lot simpler. Books are now made available easily and conveniently – we all hold eBooks in the palm of our hands, quite literally. Long commutes are made brief with an eBook that you don’t even have to bother carrying with you.

For more than one reason, eBooks, as we know, are already gaining high popularity that is expected to continue growing in the future. Let’s be honest, carrying a single tablet with hundreds of books is way easier than carrying even copies of 10 different books. People like things to be compact and eBooks do just this.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality has really acquired much hype in recent years. And with the soon to become popular 5G technology, the sky will be the limit for it. The fact is almost everyone wants a slice of the VR cake and this has made VR a very hot subject.

VR content has become popular and has also generated enough interest for people to ask for more; hence virtual reality will undoubtedly continue to hold its place in the future. Simulated games and other VR experiences will continue to grow in the year 2020.

White Paper Content

Unlike regular articles, white paper content is far more thorough and covers a given subject in depth. Audiences want extensive knowledge regarding any topic they are reading about and White paper content does just that. Scholarly articles are one example of white paper content since they tend to cover a topic in a comprehensive manner with due references and links. This is why White paper content tends to come across as more reliable too. No wonder White paper content will only widen the niche it has already carved for itself.

Case Studies

A case study involves researching a certain person, topic or phenomenon in real-life scenarios. Such studies focus on seeing the causes and effects of a certain occurrence whether at a collective or individual level. Depending on the conclusions drawn, new laws and theories are formulated that often constitute the foundation of future scientific discoveries.  Hence case studies will always remain in demand no matter the field of concern.


Guides are extremely popular. People log on to the internet for the most trivial of queries. Their search queries pertaining to all sorts of stuff including what, how, why, where, etc. And this dependence on the internet for gaining information conveniently has made how-to guides highly popular.

The fact people need platforms where they can figure out how to do the simplest of tasks, from sewing a button to starting a business, and also the fact that all questions are asked online these days, online guides are bound to become more popular in 2020.


Listicles either partially or wholly comprised of lists. They may include the top 10 in any particular niche such as movies and so on. Given the fact listicles have a way of narrowing down to the point effectively while the word count is not enormous, they have started to become more popular and will continue to gain significance in the upcoming year. People frequently visit the web to search for such lists in order to make their decision-making process easier.

How Will It Affect Social Media?

With all the developments that have contributed to various engaging forms of content floating around in the market, social media will not be the same anymore. With 5G technology, it will be much easier to access online sources of information. People will indulge themselves more in scrolling social media platforms while new trends continue to shape future developments.



There is a lot more to the online world of content than we have discussed. Each type has its own unique qualities and some downsides too. Employing the right type of content in line with the purpose it is meant to serve, can do wonders as far as helping you gain influence and visibility. If you think you can add to this list, do let us know. For more information, stay tuned.


How many types of content are there?

There are seven popular types of content including blogs, listicles, eBooks, infographics, videos, guides and case studies.

How can I create great content?

Using a combination of the given content types one can create tons of great material for viewers to go through.

What is quality content?

Quality content includes original content with up to date facts and figures with a reasonable contribution from visuals as well.

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