MMA is short for mixed martial arts. It’s a type of combat sport which involves striking and grappling and various techniques from other sports, hence called “mixed” martial arts. MMA has been quite popular among young adults i.e. college students for multiple reasons, one of which is getting in good shape (of course!). It’s a kind of sport which gives them an undeniable edge over their fellow students.

The five reasons why a college MMA student stands out from regular students at college are:

  1. Confidence

College can be quite overwhelming. There’s always someone better. One minute ago (back in high school) you were the best and now, well, now you’re just average. The peer pressure to do well can really kill ones confidence and self-esteem, so much so that it can even cause them to start taking drugs. The following stats are from a survey; they show that around 33% of teenage girls indulge in drugs due to peer pressure:

This is where MMA comes in. If you’re an MMA student, you’re living a double life: as a student and as a fighter.

MMA ignites the kind of confidence which makes you believe you’re invincible. The sky is the limit. Not just that, learning self-defense techniques really do make you a little more secure in yourself. This increased confidence results in better leadership qualities, determination and the ability to fight any challenges even if they’re not physical. These are the kind of qualities which help them pave their way to the top.

  1. Discipline

It’s difficult to even use discipline and college in the same sentence. They’re poles apart. Yes, when it comes to academia, there is uniformity and discipline but when we talk about a student’s life, I think we know the answer to that.

MMA students are most likely to be more disciplined as compared to a student who doesn’t do MMA. This is so because MMA teaches discipline and its importance. It’s a tough sport and requires way more training than you would think. To master it you have to stick to strict schedules, be regular and consistent with your practices and practicing albeit the disruptions that might be in your life. These are the kind of traits the College MMA program tries to embody in their students.

  1. Self Defense

Needless to say, a college MMA student-athlete can take on new challenges and knows how to defend him/herself better than you and I. This makes them fearless and fierce. These are the traits that college mma students are more likely to develop, given the pressure and rigor they have to go through. They must be fearless of the outcomes and not fear the future.

An MMA student would not just be able to shield him/herself but will also have a certain kind of alertness and vigilance which is a 10/10 quality for college or even for life in general.

  1. Ability to have Fun

College can be tough and well, to make it a little melodramatic, it kind of kills our social life and sleep. To manage studies with anything other than Frat Parties can be a challenge. A College MMA student, on the other hand, won’t just be enjoying the Frat Parties with you, but will also be having tons more fun which mind you, does not involve booze.

Usually, MMA classes are in groups and can be real fun. The participants love it because it helps them bond and build relationships with each other. These classes are a way of unwinding from the stress of college, the tension of the uncertain future and the anxiety of the derailing economy goes away. You’re in a new zone, in a new world which mind you, something all college student need once every few weeks!

  1. Fitness!

Needless to say, MMA gives you a great body and the confidence a regular teenager dreams of! MMA, unlike many other sports, works your whole body which makes it way more effective. It helps you get fit as this sport is a combo of cardio as well as weight training so we’re not leaving the muscle building out.

With having a fantastically ripped body, your fellow MMA students will also find it easier to lift, swim or even jump ( a bit of practice would be involved, though). With that, they will be more flexible which reduces the risk for pulled muscles and even fractures. No, it doesn’t end here. MMA also helps with endurance. This is due to the rigorous training that comes with it. This trait is required for sports like Tennis, Soccer and even running.

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