Digital marketing – also known as online marketing – can benefit any business that wants to be found on Google (or any other search engine). In essence, every business that currently operates in the modern world. A large part of digital marketing revolves around SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation. SEO Glasgow is a digital marketing process centered on getting traffic from the “organic” or “natural” search results of search engines. This is something that any business, big or small, should be aiming for in 2017.

If you are unsure as to where to begin, you can hire a SEO glasgow team to undertake the work for you. SEO is, as a digital marketing strategy, a slow burner, but after several months you will begin to see the results.

SEO Glasgow

In the early stages of the the SEO glasgow process, you’re digital marketing team will discuss with you the main areas of focus for your business. This may be the key product that you sell, or the main service that you provide to your customers. Whatever the focus is, your SEO glasgow agency will research and target the appropriate keywords for you product and industry.

To see the best results, you should stick with your SEO provider for a minimum of twelve months. During the first month of the SEO glasgow process, your SEO company will continue to undertake the keyword research via tools such as Google Keyword Planner and partake in online competitor analysis which they will usually complete on software such as A-HREFS.

If you are the owner of an eCommerce website – the main focus of this article – it is extremely important that you implement an SEO strategy to enhance the product pages of your website. This will in turn bring more traffic and business through these product pages.

SEO Specialist – Keyword Implementation

Any competent digital marketer will tell you that phase two of a SEO glasgow plan is keyword implementation. Before this occurs, your SEO team will provide you with a list of the most relevant searches for your website.

Once you have approved the appropriate list of keywords, your SEO glasgow team will add these to your homepage, category pages, and any relevant sub pages. These keywords will be added to your website in a number of ways, including the following:

  • Content
  • Page titles
  • Meta descriptions
  • Product descriptions
  • Rich Snippets

Implementing keywords into the structure and content of your website is vital for eCommerce SEO. Our SEO will ensure that these high ranking keywords will be the main focus during the keyword implementation stage. This means that these pages will show up in search results when potential customers need your services.

A SEO Glasgow Guide

SEO Product Pages

This stage is important to any ecommerce business looking to optimise their existing digital marketing strategy. The SEO company that you employ should use “long-tail” keywords. These keywords contain four or more words. Due to being specific search terms, they have a higher conversion rate than more general keywords. This in turn will improve the conversion rate of your website and bring you more business.

During these processes, SEO marketers should review each product page in-depth, ensuring that your website is utilising long-tail keywords alongside high volume keywords. This dual-prong tactic will drive large amounts of qualified traffic to the appropriate pages of your website.

These product pages should be optimised by priority, starting with your businesses most popular products. When your team are reviewing the pages, make such each of them has a title, meta description and quality keyword-rich copy.

The Final SEO Glasgow Step – Optimising Images

The final steps may seem like they won’t make a big difference to your SEO strategy, but Google appreciates businesses that go that extra mile when they are optimising their websites.

Every image is added to your website should include alt text that describes each image that is used. By doing this you are adding keywords to your page that Google will be able to find.

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