When it comes to online marketing, SEMrush is one of the leading research service providers in the world. Allowing you to keep a deep insight of other’s work, it helps you stay competitive. For instance, if you’re a blogger, it can help you generate keyword ideas from other websites, having similar work to your niche, using which you can improve the SEO ranking of your blog/website.

The basic idea behind the success of a blog lies in the generation of more leads. If your work is able to draw the reader’s attention and gain traffic to your blog, then you’re into serious business. But, if you aren’t able to attract optimum numbers of readers to your blog, then you definitely need to change your strategy.

More traffic is drawn towards your work if your blog is up in the SEO rankings. For this, you need to add important keywords in your writings. What SEMrush does is dig deep inside other websites and help you find out important keywords which have helped them gain leads.

Here, we have briefly discussed the SEMrush process using which you can improve the SEO ranking of your blog:

Create an Account

The first thing you need to do is create an account on SEMrush. After you’ve logged in, the next thing you need to do is enter your domain name in the search field. The search result will list all the important keywords, their trends, and traffic estimate percentages. This will help you determine which of your keywords helped you generate more leads.

Gather URLs and Find Keywords

The next thing you need to do is gather URLs you wish to work on. You can create a list of the keywords and the URLs and their respective positions on the SEO search using a spreadsheet.

Moreover, you can manually add keywords to check their rankings. For instance, you can add specific keywords and learn about their SEO rankings.

Improving Keyword Rankings

Now you have keywords, the next thing needs you to improve their rankings. For the purpose, you can do multiple things:

  • Keyword Optimization Plugin: Use keyword optimization plugins to optimize your posts for particular keywords. This will help you improve your on-page SEO rankings. SEOPressor is one of the many plugins you can use for the purpose.
  • Social Media Marketing: Link your keyword included blogs to your social media for further improving their rankings. All you need to do is post your articles on social media pages and share them after an interval of a few days. Ask your friends and followers to share your articles on their timelines as well.
  • Another thing which you can do to improve the SEO ranking of your blog is, write more content which uses the same keywords as done by previous posts. Try to link them to them together. This will improve the ranking of your blogs as well.

SEMrush is very effective in improving the SEO rankings of your blog. You can increase traffic, gain leads, and convert general readers into long follower base.

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