I have ran my own online business for some years now, I operate a media company which looks after around 6 different websites across a number of different fields of interest. In the past I tried to do everything in the business myself but I quickly learned that my lack of technical knowledge was holding me back and so I decided to outsource. Since I took the decision to outsource my tech work to the outstandingly gifted Abhishek Gattani, my business has gone from strength to strength and I wanted to talk to you about why I think that it is so important that if you have a business, that you start thinking about outsourcing some of it.

Time Freedom

The biggest benefit which I received as a result of my outsourcing was the gift of time, something which is not easy to come by in the world of business. I used to spend hours on a tech project which a professional could no doubt complete in a letter of minutes and it was severely affecting my business. Since I started outsourcing I was able to dedicate a lot more time to what I do best within my business which is creating the content and marketing the business across social channels. Back then I only had two websites, just a year later I have sic and that is thanks to my decision to outsource.

Skill Gaps

One of the biggest arguments for outsourcing your business is to plug skill gaps which you amy have within the business. When you outsource an area of your company, you are giving this area of the business to someone who specializes in exactly what it is that you are looking for. This leads to a more effective business and one which can better serve your customers. Make sure that you are going to get a strong return on your investment when you outsource and that you outsource to someone who can do the job to a high standard.

Lower Stress Levels

There is a strong case to made about your personal wellbeing in business and how much outsourcing can help you to feel less under pressure and less stressed in your day-to-day running of operations. Having a professional looking after an aspect of your company means that you can focus on what is important which is overseeing the operation of the business on the whole, this hands control back to you and trust me, significantly reduces your stress levels. Once you lower the amount of stress which you feel, you can use energy which was dedicated to the stress for something far more important.

If you have not though about outsourcing your business then I cannot stress enough how important a tool this is the overall running of your company. Even the biggest companies in the world outsource from time to time and there is no reason why you shouldn’t as well.

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