Summer could be too hot for road trips. And then, you should try the fall road trips on the Southeast U.S. Fall are the perfect way to embrace the changing season. The road trips will allow you to be in the front row seat and you could watch fall set surrounding the landscape which you see on the roads.

The Places which you Will Visit through the Road Trips

Your road trips can be started from the Blue Ridge Parkway. The length of the journey will be 468 miles. It will be from Virginia to North Caroline. The trip could include the scenic highway. It will connect to the Shenandoah National Park. It is located in the Great Smoky Mountains. This part of the trip offers one of the most beautiful glimpses of fall foliage around. You could start your trip in October to catch the Virginia Foliage Festival.

Bourbon Trails

The trip length is about 293 miles and it is from Kentucky to Tennessee. When you are taking the Bourbon Trail, you will ditch the sweater and warm up with some southern bourbon on this road trip. You also can take it all in with fall festivities such as stopping along the Bourbon Trails, enjoying the scenic Cumberland Gap, and checking out historic homes, such as the Abraham Lincoln.

The Blues Highway

The trip of the Blues highway is starting in Memphis. Then, music and culture will lead you from Tennessee into scenic Mississippi. The length trip is about 109 miles and it is from Tennessee to Mississippi. This trip could involve amazing barbecue, live music around every corner and gorgeous scenery. Besides that, you will be able to find some soul along the stretch of pavement.

Natchez Trace Park Way

The trip will take 444 miles, from Tennessee to Alabama. Besides that, on this trip, you could travel back in time on this historic parkway through Civil War battlefields and Native American land. In this trip, you could take a break from the car, stretch your legs and take advantage of the bike paths along the way. You also could stop by at Cypress Swamp for beautiful fall reflections.

Historic National Road

When you take this trip, you need to prepare a lot because it is a long one. You will through 824 miles from Maryland to Illinois. It is a long trip down to the memory lane. You could enjoy the first federally funded interstate highway through six state and 200 years of American history. It is created in 1811 from the authorization of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. And then, the road provides a route to our past.

Atlantic Coast Road Trip

The road trip will take 350 miles, from Kitty Hawk to Myrtle Beach. You will see the lighthouse, traditional maritime villages, and miles of desolate beaches. They are the reason this trip is a must in the fall. Then, you could start your trip in Kitty Hawk. You should make sure to spend the time at the infamous sand dunes. It is the place where the Wright Brothers first took flight.

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