Laundry room design in narrow space will make your home complete. It is true that laundry room is one of the crucial rooms that you should think about. You don’t want to make your dirty laundry getting messy without being washed, don’t you?So that’s why we are here to bring you some impeccable tips for you who have a little space for a laundry room. Laundry room design that we offer you today is the simplest model with a just need for about 2 square sizes.

It is quite small, isn’t it? However, don’t worry because we have lots of tips that will make you easier to decorate and to make it lovelier, especially for a small laundry room design.Well, what do you think about that? What about we begin with cabinet, huh? What do you think about laundry room cabinet design for the first time when you look at your small laundry space?

The key to a sweet laundry room design

Well, the key is “Keep It Simple, Sweetheart”. Keep it in a simple design so you won’t fill your laundry space with just cabinets.Choose a strong wood material such as cherry wood, mango wood or even teak. For the perfect spot, by the window is totally a flawless spot. Try to build on top of your laundry washers.

You can build in around your window. It will suit perfectly and follow your little window shape is just so cute.Build two rectangle cabinets and two mini drawers on a horizontal side. This idea will make your cabinet laundry room design looking more adorable.For a flawless cabinet laundry room design, the second thing that you should think about is about choosing a color. That’s what the “Sweetheart” thing Keep it sweet with some calm colors like a Tosca color.

The storage idea for a small laundry room design

If you are someone who loves something simple and more efficient, you can pick a storagewall mounted shelvesdesign. This will be your perfect style to bring a vintage nuance and also a well-organized thing.With the open shelves design, you can create a serviceable storage for your small laundry room design.

Next, we will talk about a suitable decoration for your small laundry room design. Start with another simple thing such as monogrammed text on your barrier.A little touch from a special quotes streak will make you happier. And well, this will improve your mood when you doing laundry.

Combine it with some cute classic pictures and this will be your smart decoration to fill the empty space and fill out the decoration in your laundry space design. Along with a white partition paint color, you can get a flawless combination of two colors.

See? It sounds so easy to create your own laundry room design, right? The point is you have to design it as functional as impossible. So it can result in a sweet elegant design with warm and inviting nuance.

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