For many years, people have been using things to protect their feet. Leather sandals and tree barks were the earliest form of protective shoes for our ancestors’ feet. They needed to protect their feet from the cold and jagged rock. Unfortunately, due to our indoor lifestyle, our feet are now much weaker than they are supposed to. This causes our feet to become more susceptible to injury, due to the thinner skin and muscle layer. In reality, our feet are very complicated bio-mechanical things, they have more than 120 muscles, 33 joints and 26 bones. These intricacies are essential, especially because our feet need to support the weight of our body. They need to be able to absorb shock and move our body forward. In short, they could be among the hardest working part of our body. It means, they could take a terrible beating and they are prone to injuries. Many people have complained about their feet and how much they are painful. They could start to feel discomfort only after walking or standing for a few minutes.

In fact, it is believed that when we walk, our feet experience 50 percent greater body weight. Even in a modern day, when people are likely to stay still using their computers and mobile gadgets, each of us could walk nearly 10,000 steps each day. It means that our feet need to deal with a total of 100 tons of weight each day and now wonder we need reliable shoes for our feet. Shoes not only make it easier for our feet to deal with weight, they can also protect our feet from scrapes and cuts, as well as ankle sprains and any kind of traumatic injuries. Ill-fitting should could also responsible for so many progressive and chronic conditions each year. It is believed that up to 75 percent experience any kind of foot pain. For many elderly, foot pain can be a chronic condition and we often blame the shoes. In this case, women are more likely to experience foot pain and this isn’t related to the strengths and size of their feet. Among women, footwear is a part of their decorative elements and they could put their foot in unnatural postures and positions.

High heels are actually public foot enemy number one. Many women want to wear higher heels, because they can be taller, while looking stylish and sleek. Prolonged use of high heel footwear could cause common foot injuries, such as bunions, corns and blisters. Other than for decorative purposes, many shoe models are promised to deliver increased performance, although this could be pure hyperbole. When we choose running shoes, the most essential things we should consider is that the design will be able to protect our feet. Protection should be more important than performance, especially if we are not professional athletes. It is clear that common sporting activities like basketball and running a marathon will put an immense amount of strain and pressure on our feet.

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