There are certain patterns that we need to consider when we develop a website and some challengers will crop up eventually. It should be noted that people could have different solutions for specific problems, but the most important thing is to make sure that we have the right kind of strategy. There are some problems that we may need to solve. As an example, content issues must be addressed properly. There’s an occasion when it takes too long for customers to provide developers with the actual content. It means that developers will need to put placeholder text and this will result in lacklustre presentation.

Placeholder text is a way of reminding clients that it’s not their text. This should prompt them to immediately prepare the right content. Web developers should be able to illicit responses by focusing on these texts when they review the website the website with the client during specific meeting sessions. It is a good idea to involve good copywriter in the process to make sure that some content is available in the future. There could also be delays in getting the graphics files and logo. It would be quite difficult to complete the website visually if we don’t have logo and other essential graphics.

In this case, we should remind clients about images that we need. This may not seem like a major issue, but delays could cause the website to look unprofessional. Before the website development starts, clients should be forewarned that specific material is needed. Indecisiveness and vague feedback would make it harder to complete the website. In general, such problem could boil down to highly ineffective communication. In fact, clients say that they don’t like the design and problem is because placeholder images are used; which degrade the overall quality of the design. In this case, clients should make firm decisions and provide web developers with the right content.

When dealing with vague feedback and indecisiveness, it is important for us to educate clients and encourage them to work with us. We should try to be more specific about things that we need. This is essential if we want to get our design right. Clients can be particularly indecisive when it comes to determining the proper features. There’s also an issue in the web development project known as “scope creep”. This happens when clients ask for new features which weren’t agreed upon originally. This could cause problems when we want to meet the schedules. Delivery dates will shift and people need to be reallocated from other works.

In fact, new features could cause new glitches to be introduced in existing features, due to various incompatibilities and oversights. Some web developers need to take a hard line related to this matter. It is important for them to say no and they should know how much it will cost to complete something. It may not be an issue if clients are willing to pay extra for the additional work, but it is also important to tell them that it would be necessary to extend the schedule. We should also be aware that clients will try to add some mini-specs that could change existing features.

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