Ask anyone, nine out of ten people will say that they love travelling by train. There is an unexplainable love for trains and train journeys in Indians. Yes, we curse the railways when a train is late, we scold the TT when we do not get our seats, but still, whenever we have to travel, we book ourselves a train ticket. Most of the Indians have pleasant childhood memories related to trains. Memorable journeys and meeting new people is what is exciting about a train journey.

10 Reasons Why You Will Love Travelling On A Train

Here are some reasons you will love travelling on a train –

Easy booking –

  1. Gone are the days when you had to stand in long queues to get a train ticket. You can book your seats on any train by just a click. Online bookings are easy and convenient. What’s more, you can also get window seats if you are lucky. Even if you are booking the tickets at the last minute, don’t worry there is Tatkal ticket service. You can check for ticket IRCTC seat availability.
  2. The rates of a train ticket are lesser when compared to other modes of travel. It is perfect for middle-class people and students. And if you cancel your tickets early, you will get a good refund too.
  3. The smooth ride is another important reason why people prefer trains. It is especially helpful for aged people and the ones who have back pain. There will be no humps, no jumping or no sudden brakes. Trains move as smoothly as you like.
  4. Meeting new people is also an exciting event to look forward to when you are travelling on a train. You will get to interact with many kinds of strangers who may over time become your friends. All you have to do is to wait till the train begins to move and strike a conversation with your co-passengers. You will never know when your destination arrived.
  5. Watching the view from a train window is something that everyone must do at least once in their life. The view is so fascinating that you will forget all about your gadgets and be glued to the window. The cities, landscapes, trees all seem like they are running backwards. It is a nice thing to see.
  6. And do not forget the food! Foodies can have a blast on a train. There are vendors bringing in different types of eateries that you can choose from. You can also have all of them if you like. From chats to idlis, vadas to a hot cup of tea, you get everything on a train. And if the train provides food, then you will get to taste the best railway food from the pantry.
  7. If you love your sleep, then there is no other vehicle that can give you a better nap than a moving train. The movement of a train cradles you lightly, putting you into a comfortable sleep.

These are some reasons why you will love travelling on a train. A train will never disappoint you.