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The toughest challenge in women’s fashion world is that it is very dynamic and it changed day-in day-out. It can be quite embarrassing to be left behind by your friends especially when attending important occasions such as weddings or conferences. Yes, no one is perfect but there is no reason to be a black sheep. Check out following fashion tips exclusively found on Justfab.

Fashion Rules You Should Follow - Flow With What's Trending In Fashion Realm

  1. Denim on denim is never the best choice

You might think that a pair of jeans can blend with almost any clothing. For instance, you can wear a denim jacket on top of your jeans but double denim is not good. To begin with, unless you work at a rodeo or you are a cowgirl, you shouldn’t wear all-jeans in public. It is more of- tacky rather than modern.

However, if you are a denim lover, wearing mismatched pieces will make you appear modern and fresh. For instance, dark wash jeans will blend perfectly with white denim jacket. For bottom line should you go for jeans.

  1. If it’s snowing, avoid flip flops

Flip flops are cheap and come in many colors. Most campus ladies love to wear them during summer, spring or on beach. However, if there is snow on the ground, stay away from flip flops. A huge portion of your feet will be left bare hence outfit will appear painful and ridiculous.

  1. Pajamas and publics don’t go hand-in-hand

PJ’s are designed only for sleeping and lounging. Wearing them in public proves that you don’t care about how you look. Older women are now following this trend from college girls. It should stop now.

  1. If it’s not your wedding, don’t wear white

This is one of the oldest fashion rule. Wearing white on someone else’s wedding will divert everyone’s attention from love birds to you. Regardless of whether the bride is wearing white or not, this rule should not be broken.

  1. Jeans and running shoes

Most people think that athletic shoes can go with all clothes. Unfortunately, running shoes are good for athletic wear only. Jeans can also go well with converse sneakers, boots and ballet flats, so try it. Running shoes should only be put on when you are go for running or hitting the gym.

  1. Don’t be underdressed at your workplace

Dressing too well is always the best option when it comes to your carrier. Not dressing well enough might give an impression that you are a slob. Therefore, it is better to be overdressed than being underdressed.

  1. Keep your underwear hidden

See-through clothing and panty lines are still forbidden in fashion world. Like – see-through shirts will not go well with bright bras. A decent woman should keep some things for her eyes only.


Now that you have top 7 fashion rules at your fingertips, it’s time to visit and treat yourself with goodies. Hurry up!

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