The 90s were the golden era. Ask any late 30s/ 40 year old when their best point in life was. It was probably the 90s. Music thrived in this era as well as in many fashion styles. However, many styles didn’t look that great either. However, we are going to discuss the amazing styles that looked great back then and the ones that are making a return with a modern-day twist. 

Baggy Jeans

Baggy jeans were the rave(no pun intended) back in the 90s and carried over to the 00s. Surprisingly, they have made a return thanks to modern-day teenager fashion. However, the style in the 90s has nothing on today’s style of baggy jeans. 

Firstly the baggy clothing that was worn back then just looked odd. The reason was that baggy clothing back then was a size up. These days, clothing brands will design clothes so, it fits a size but looks big. Also known as oversized clothing. Trust me, it is different.  

If you are not quite sure what the baggy jeans look like were in the 90s. Look at hip-hop stars such as Nas, 2Pac and The Notorious B.I.G. The thing with all these hip-hop stars is that they looked great on them. Simply because of the rest of the attire that they wore with those baggy jeans. 

The jeans drowned out people’s footwear so you could barely see them. Another thing is that they get damp at the bottom of the jeans because they drag along the floor. The style that is rocked with a pair of baggy jeans is much more fitting with the ongoing fashion trends of the 21st century. Instead of exceedingly baggy jeans that drag along the floor. They will be more of a straight cut. Not to mention that you can see people’s footwear now. 

That is the baggy jeans look for you. Yes, it is slightly different to those that were worn in the 90s. Nonetheless, they are far better than those in the past. Finally, we are waving goodbye to those spray-on/ skinny jeans that everybody has worn for the past 10-15 years. 

Bucket Hats

Festival season is officially the time of year for the bucket hat. A style that was rocked in the 90s, faded in the 00s and back in the 10s. When you go to a festival, it is hard not to see a bucket hat these days. No matter what the genre is, a bucket hat will be there. Although not everybody wears them. Nonetheless, they are far more popular than they once were. 

Rock Britpop bands such as the Oasis and the stone roses all enjoy wearing a bucket hat. From spike island to Knebworth, two very iconic gigs back in the 90s. Did you know that around 4% of the British population applied for tickets at Knebworth back in 1996? Well, you do now. 

Anyways, nearly everybody wore them at gigs in the 90s. They have made a phenomenal comeback in menswear fashion and fashion in general. So stop trying to be different and embrace this style before it disappears once again.   

Long Hair

We cannot believe we are saying this but, long hair has made a return. Due to the difficulty of not being able to cut your hair during the lockdown. Everybody got a little bit creative with cutting their hair. Thanks to Tiger King for the little inspiration for the haircut style. 

The long hair back in the 90s was extremely popular with celebrities. Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp and Leonardo DiCaprio all rocked long hair. Even Liam and Noel Gallagher embraced this style that was loved by many fans. Although as soon as it got to the 00s, this haircut style was a thing of the past, short to medium length haircuts soon came back. Then that soon changed into a skin fade style of haircut. 

A style that probably was not that popular in the 90s. But, in recent years the man bun. Celebrities such as Jason Momoa and Harry Styles have carried that style. As well as inspired many men around the western part of the world to embrace this style. Long hair is not a bad style although it is one that nobody expects to return in the 10s and continue into 2021. 


Windbreakers have been around in multiple generations coming in different styles. They are arguably the perfect jacket for those that hike and go mountaineering on the weekend. They are designed to protect and keep you dry from the treacherous weather conditions you could encounter in the mountains. 

Windbreakers have become a thing of streetwear. Brands such as Carhartt, Dickies and North Face all design high-quality windbreaker jackets. Even Under Armour has a windbreaker style jacket that is perfect for running in when it is raining. However, these are a lot less warm than the others mentioned.

The colours of a windbreaker jacket is a more neon colour or luminous. Although some brands like to stick to simplicity when it comes to their windbreakers. Either way, whatever style you prefer, a windbreaker is something that you should be buying. Especially if you live on the coast.  

Utility Clothing

Utility clothing, also known as cargo, has also made a return to menswear. It is one of the most popular trends that men are wearing this year. Especially those that are in their 20s and 30s. Although general utility clothing was not a thing in the 90s, it has become popular in recent years. Cargo pants were popular in the 90s rave scene and they are today along with cargo jackets and gilets. Many designer brands have jumped onto the bandwagon for men’s utility clothing. Some of these brands are Armani, Barbour, LuluLemon and Ralph Lemon.  

Puffer Jackets

If you were around in the 1990s, you probably remember the 1996 Nuptse North Face jacket. One of the best puffer jackets in the 90s, especially during the winter season, is a style that people are rocking again. It is mainly university students that enjoy this great jacket when it comes to men’s fashion. 

The overall style of puffer jackets has become popular in recent years. Furthermore, if you are looking for a jacket without a hood then a puffer jacket is the one for you. You can either get this in a gilet style or just a casual puffer jacket. It is coming to the festive season so, many brands will have a mens puffer jacket sale for Black Friday and Christmas. If there is any time to purchase yourself a puffer jacket, now is the time. If puffer gilets can be a style for a gentleman over thirty


The 90s had some weird and wacky fashion trends. Now, they have adapted over the years and become popular for men’s fashion today. The 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s had nothing on the 90s in music and fashion. Luckily for us, some of the best trends have returned to men’s fashion. 

From haircuts to relaxed fit jeans, the 90s fashion trends that are worn today is something you should wear. If there is any time to invest in a new set of clothes, it’s this time of year. Either that or you could wait a little longer for the January sales. 

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