Autonomous vehicles are the future of the automotive industry. We might not be there yet. However, it has been predicted that by 2025 we will be. According to statistics, the expected market for partially self-driven cars will be 36 billion dollars in 2025. A fully driverless car is not far behind with a projected market share of 6 billion dollars.

If such is true, the number of people who sell their current cars for cash will increase. After all, transportation via ride-hailing services will become much cheaper. And Uber is already trying to do so. Back in 2016, the first self-driving cab was being operated in Pittsburgh, USA. Tesla and Mercedes were not far behind either. They too were rolling out their versions of partially autonomous cars.

Therefore, if we say that autonomous cars are the future of technology, there is meat in the argument.

Still not convinced about the potential of autonomous cars? Here are some reasons that might change your mind.

  1. Customers prefer having a choice

Some argue that the autonomous vehicle system will fail because the masses distrust the technology. They don’t think it is safe enough while others like to drive. While it is true that some people might have their reservations, it is also true that people love choices in life. This is what autonomous cars provide you with. There are times when you don’t feel like driving for hours. Here, self-driven vehicles give you peace of mind. Therefore, according to McKinsey’s executives, most people are likely to be receptive to self-driven cars in the future.

  1. Reduction in car costs

Autonomous vehicles are the future of technology because they encompass everything a free market model strives to achieve. They help in delivering efficiency. They aid in achieved economies of scale. How so? Well, for starters, for transportation services, the cost of hiring drivers is eliminated. In the manufacturing front, the vehicle design and size can be significantly altered when you don’t have to worry about curbing impact on the driver during accidents.

There is a downside to such autonomous cars being the future of technology as well. As the designing process gets chopped down and drivers are not required, it might create unemployment. However, those who favor the technology argue that such cost-effectiveness can open doors for new businesses, which in turn can provide jobs.

  1. It eliminates the probability of accidents due to human negligence

Did you know that road accidents claim the life of 1.25 million people every year? Human negligence, speeding, and DUI are the leading causes of such accidents according to WHO. Autonomous cars are the future of technology because they have the potential to eliminate this problem.

Even as of now, self-driven cars are much safer than manual vehicles. This is because they have been put through various rigorous tests and have come out on the better end. Imagine how reliable the cars of the future would be if this technology were to thrive.



All in all, autonomous cars have great potential, and this potential will get realized soon. If you aren’t comfortable with the technology, we will advise you to prepare yourself. Because in the coming future, self-driven cars are the future.

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