Zurich is one of the world’s most expensive cities, but even there you can find something interesting and provided free of charge both for city locals and tourists. For example, anyone can rent a bike for free in Zurich: you only need to present your ID card and leave 20 francs of deposit. The rental points are located at the main station in Zurich, in Bellevue Square, in a small park adjacent to the Bahnhofstrasse, at the suburban train station Enge, near the Viadukt shopping center and around ‘Altstetten’ subway station.

However, this is not the only free thing available in Zurich. So, check out the following list in order to find out more interesting activities…

Free Excursion

Want to know what Zurich looked like more than 200 years ago? Well, set off to the city cultural center ‘Haus Zum unteren Rech’, where you’ll find a handmade detailed architectural model of Zurich representing the city image of 1800. The entrance is free of charge. The center is situated at Neumarkt 4 and is open Monday-Friday from 8am till 6pm, and on Saturday from 10am till 4pm.

Free Fishing

Unlike most other Swiss waters, where a special patent is required for fishing, in Zurich you can fish for free on the lake. Conditions: catching only from the shore with one fishing rod and a ban on fishing with the use of live bait. Among the inhabitants of the lake you can catch perch, whitefish, pike, lake trout, burbot, carp, bream and tench.


(photo by leelysn)

Free Labyrinths

Also, Zurich offers free labyrinths. However, they are not made of stone: the first one is fully made of hedgerow and located in ‘Kasernenareal’ district, which is part of ‘Aussersihl’ residential area in the south of Zurich Central Station. Another labyrinth is situated in Seeburg Park. There is a floral labyrinth, which is available to all visitors since 1990 for free. Plus, a labyrinth of medicinal plants is located at the building of the Swiss Higher Technical School in Zurich ETH in the area of Hönggerberg.

(photo by Victoria)

Free Mineral Springs

You are unlikely to suffer from thirst in Zurich. In this case, there is no need to go to the store, cafe or restaurant: there are more than 1,200 sources of mineral water in the city, most of which are completely free. Each source keeps an interesting history, which is often centuries long. Many of the sources are small but look like impressive works of art. Zurich City Administration offers a 2-hour free guided tour of the 13 most interesting sources in every first Wednesday of the month, starting at 6pm.

street water source

(photo by Sergiu St. O.)

Free Zoo

Wildnispark Zürich Natural Park consists of three parts. The first of them is Sihlwald nature conservation zone with the area of ​​12 km². It’s located between the commune of Langnau am Albis and Sihlbrugg village on the border of Zug and Zurich cantons. The second part is Langenberg natural zoo, where you can find the mountain marmot, alpine mountain goat, beaver, brown bear, elk, hare, otter, lynx, horses, roe deer, fox, red deer, dormouse, forest cat, wild boar, bison and wolf. The entrance to Sihlwald and Langenberg is free of charge. Also, Sihlwald zone provides a separate information center with the information desk, as well as the restaurant and nature museum. Only entrance to the nature museum is paid: 6 francs for adults and 3 francs for children.

«You need a bath, my son!»

Free Botanical Garden

In Zurich, you can visit the botanical garden of the University of Zurich located at Zollikerstrasse 107. In the area of 53,000 m² you’ll find almost 9,000 species of various plants united in biotopes. The botanical garden is financed from the budget of the canton of Zurich and admission is absolutely free of charge.

Swiss Colors

Free River Bathing

Located on the Limmat River, Oberer Letten (Address: Lettensteg 10) and Unterer Letten (Address: Wasserwerkstrasse 141) river baths are open to anyone who wants to swim and relax from May to September every day from 9am till 8pm. Of course, they are also free of charge. Not far from the Oberer Letten you’ll find several beach volleyball courts and a bowling alley. Unterer Letten also offers a children’s pool, a 3-meter diving tower and a grocery stall for those who get hungry. There are also regular ‘movie nights’ at the open-air cinema.

(photo by Nina Agazzi)

As you can see, Zurich is not such an expensive city as it may seem at first glance. It offers a plenty of things to do which won’t break your budget. However, to fully enjoy Zurich and see all the charm of this amazing city, you still need a little cash in your pocket. By the way, you can rent a car in Zurich and find much more interesting city sights on your own.

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