As I was personally reviewing some of the many home security companies out there I noticed that many of the best deals advertised are ‘do it yourself installation.’ At first this seemed daunting to me, imagining myself on a ladder trying to put a camera or motion sensor in the corner of my home or even drilling holes above the door for a door sensor. I watched some videos and quickly realized the equipment was made easier to install than I would have thought. With that being said, is it still worth the money you save to do it yourself?

What are you Actually Saving?

Companies that offer DIY make sure you know you are getting a $0 installation fee. So, are you really saving anything? If we take simplisafe versus ADT as an example, SimpliSafe is $0 and ADT is $99 for installation. However, SimpliSafe charges an ‘activation fee’ and ADT doesn’t. So that $99 you thought you saved yourself you didn’t and you had to install it the alarm system yourself.

What does a Professional Installation Involve?

Depending on the company it may or may not involve a licensed technician. Some of the biggest complaints about Vivint is that their technicians weren’t professional or licensed. Several of these techs have had the police called on them. This is due to their quick sales volume during the summer months and the need to get those systems installed. When having a professional installation done, you should make sure the following are in place:

  1. It takes place when you want and feel comfortable. If the company is rushing the installation to ‘obtain the sale’ something fishy may be in place. Review the contract and don’t jump the gun on it.
  2. The techs should have a badge and certification certificate that shows they can legally install the system in your home.
  3. Check their warrantees before they start installing. Make sure their company covers the repair costs of any mistakes in your house. Several people end up having damage repairs needed to their doors, closets and other places that drilling may take place. The last thing you want is for the company to not cover the costs of their own mistakes. Check first before you end up as the next bad story.
  4. Look for hidden fees. If you are paying a $99+ installation fee make sure it stays at that. If you are getting home automation they most likely will push for a higher cost install. Before they start working on your home, go over the total costs so you are not blindsided by a higher bill after the system is functional.

What it Comes Down To:

So in my experience, it doesn’t come down to price. It comes down to convenience and personal preference. If you don’t mind doing the dirty work then sure get a DIY alarm system. Personally, I would recommend paying the company to install it because either way you are looking at (most likely) a $99 fee of some sort.

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