Every car owner buys online car insurance to protect themselves financially against any damages to the car. Yet, when it comes to the safety of the car, most owners simply ignore the basic requirements. For example, the dashboard warning signs of the car indicate when something in your car is not working the way it should. If you do not know, what each sign means, you expose yourself and the car to danger. Here is detailed information about the five warning signs on your car’s dashboard that you should not ignore.

  1. Low oil pressure

If you ever notice the low oil pressure indicator light then that means the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) of the car is determining a serious condition. Every car comes with an oil pressure sensor that sends information to the PCM regarding the oil pressure condition. The indicator sign looks like a genie bottle. The light may also flash if there is a problem with the engine or if the sensor stops working. If you ignore the indication then that may lead to engine damage.

  1. Engine temperature

The car insurance companies are very strict about the condition of your car when determining the premium of your policy. So, it is important that you take care of every part of the car, especially the engine. The high engine temperature indicator can help you with the same. It looks like a thermometer and lights up if the engine is overheating. Various mechanical errors can cause the engine temperature to rise, which can damage your car.

  1. Engine light

This indicator generally looks like an outline of the engine and it is a very essential dashboard sign. The engine light warns you about any issue with the engine, which can be as harmless as a loose gas cap or as serious as an engine fault. If you ever find that the engine light is on then it is important to stop the car immediately and call for professional help.

  1. Charging system fault

The indicator light for the charging system fault looks like a battery in most cars. When the light is on, it indicates that the car’s battery is not properly charging. This may result in your car stopping in the middle of the road, which can be an even more serious issue if you are driving on a highway. If you find that the light indicator is on, it is better to safely park your car and call a mechanic.

  1. Brake system failure

The anti-lock brake is one of the most important safety features of your car, as it can save lives. In case of an emergency brake, this system locks the tires and saves the car from any serious accident. If there is any fault with the system then an indicator lights up on the dashboard. Make sure that you stop your car and get it fixed first.

You can pay the highest car insurance prices, but without following the warning signs properly, you can never be completely safe. When you buy car insurance online, do keep this in mind.

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