We often hear about snapping garage door springs and accidents related to these parts. The question is: do we worry enough to take the right precautions? Although everyone is concerned about safety issues, especially if there are children in the house, most people are under the impression that bad things won’t happen to them. Humans are inclined to think that such accidents only occur to other homes. That’s the wrong way to think about it! You must also keep in mind that springs of all types can be very dangerous. A lot is being said about the risks involved by messing with torsion spring garage door systems, but extension springs are not innocent at all. They are still springs and the effects of them snapping will be exactly the same.

How To Install Safety Cables

The good thing with garage door manufacturers is they make constant improvements in their products. With a strong intention to make them even safer and protect people from any possibility of getting involved in accidents, keep coming up with new ideas. That’s the purpose of them creating tamper resistant garage door brackets. The avoidance of accidents is also the reason why safety cables are installed along with extension springs. So, ask yourself: do you have safety cables installed along with the extension springs?

Make Sure Safety Cables are Installed Properly

It’s not necessary to install both extension garage door springs and safety cables together. If springs are already installed, you can easily install the safety cables now. The procedure is easy and will make a huge difference to the level of client safety. After all, that’s why they were called safety cables in the first place. What are they? They look like the regular garage door cables. They are like wires with different end parts and are laced along the springs. Since, they pass through the spring, securely keep it in place. Let’s say one of the extension springs breaks. It won’t fly against the wall or your child. The cable laced through the spring will keep it from flying. So, let’s find out how to install these cables.

Standing at one end of the extension spring towards the rear part of your garage, loop the one side of the cable at the supporting hanger hosting the spring and the garage door track. Next step is to pass the cable through the spring and make sure it comes out from the opposite side. It’s important for you to check that the safety cable goes through all coils of the spring and doesn’t come out in between. In this case, it won’t protect adequately and might cause problems. Make sure the cable moves outside the pulley. You have to get the other part and attach it on the horizontal track. In addition, use a small bracket and with the help of bolts and nuts, fasten this end part of the cable on the tracks.

It’s best to choose fastening the cable at the hole as near as possible to the door opening to avoid binding. It should be tight, but don’t overdo it. If it sags just a bit, it’s alright. The purpose of the cable is to hold the spring from becoming a threat. So, it must be tightened well at the two ends. If the cable you bought is longer than necessary, loop the excess part around it. If required assistance, Garage Door Repair Fontana helps you. Getting the job done right is crucial since it is related to personal safety.

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