It’s an interesting paradox to say the least – ask any 500 UK businesses which believe that the provision of quality air for the sake of the workforce is important and all 500 will of course throw their hands in the air. But at the same time, ask the same sample group how many of them are proactive when it comes to servicing and maintaining their LEV systems and chances are far fewer hands will be raised…assuming of course they’re being honest. In terms of health and safety in the workplace, there’s really nothing that matters more than the provision of fresh air, but as the stuff tends to be invisible most of the time, it finds its way onto the back-burner as a subject that’s more often than not overlooked.

According to the experts at, the overwhelming majority of UK businesses are in fact guilty of not quite giving their extraction and ventilation systems the time and attention they may deserve. It’s often not until a serious problem rears its ugly head that any real thought is given to the subject, by which time it is of course too late to do anything about it.

Quality Dust and Fume Extraction – Why It Matters

So with this in mind, here’s a quick look at just a few of the reasons why investing in quality extraction and ventilation systems represents an investment no business will ever regret long-term:

1 – Cheaper to Run

So first of all comes the way in which a high-end system will always be much cheaper to run day in and day out. From the very first moment the new system is powered up, the amount of power required to allow it to do its job will be greatly reduced. And as electricity (sadly) doesn’t grow on trees and nor is it free, this means considerable savings that stack up month after month. It’s impossible to comprehend just how much money any given business may be throwing away with these kinds of inefficiencies without them being examined – exactly the reason why calling in the pros for a consultation is a good idea.

2 – Lower Maintenance

Another immediate and long-term benefit that comes with choosing quality products and installation from the start is the way in which maintenance costs are also guaranteed to be reduced. It’s a simple scenario where the older your system is and the more worn out its various components, the more effort is going to be required to keep it up and running by way of maintenance and repairs. Some may be smaller than others and some may require quick patch ups only, but the more often you have to call in the repair guys along the way, the more you’ll realise you’d have been better off buying a decent system in the first place.

3 – Worker Health and Safety

As mentioned earlier, the subject of employee health and safety is one that’s seldom taken for granted anymore and tends to be scrutinised by the government like never before. Even just the slightest slipup or oversight can land a business owner in so much hot water that it’s really not the kind of eventuality that bears thinking about. It’s only with a quality extraction and ventilation system that you can realistically expect to give those working within the premises what they need most of all – clean, fresh and safe air to breathe.

4 – Reduced Risk of Accidents

It’s also worth bearing in mind that as an LED system of any kind begins to show its age, the chances of it triggering some kind of accident increase exponentially. Some may overheat and cause fires, others may have sharp surfaces that are just waiting to do damage and then there are those that literally crumble to pieces or fall from the walls – in any and all cases, the consequences can be dire. But with a quality system that’s inspected and serviced regularly, all such risks can be eliminated.

5 – Productivity

Overly hot and stuffy workplaces do nothing for morale and are guaranteed to result in overall productivity taking a knock. In which case, why save money on quality LEV hardware, servicing and maintenance when there’s every chance it will only end up costing you more in stunted productivity and output?

6 – Reliability

Last but not least, there’s very little in the world more detrimental to any business than downtime – costly in a financial and reputational sense alike. The simple fact of the matter is that if your business needs an LEV system to operate, you’re putting yourself at risk every day you’re operating a system that’s on its last legs or in any way not fit for purpose. With quality hardware that’s well looked-after, there needn’t be any concerns over downtime.

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