Once in a blue moon, there come some movies which touch your heart, force you to think and go on to redefine love! Cinema has a major impact in influencing people and gives them many life lessons. Here are three thoughtful lessons learned from super hit Bollywood movies in recent times:

3 Valuable Lessons From 3 Bollywood Movies

“Treat yourself as a Queen” from Queen: When Queen was released in 2014, people had little idea as to how well it would fare and go on to break the box office records. There were a few expectations attached with this movie but once it got out, it surpassed every expectation and won hearts of millions. Kangana Ranaut literally set the screen on fire with her grooving dance moves, adorable looks, beautiful expressions and unmatchable acting skills. Queen gave not one but many valuable life lessons. We live in a society where we have been taught from the very beginning that happiness starts with others and that we need a life partner to complete our life as well as ourselves. When Kangana Ranaut was dumped by her husband, she travelled abroad and discovered who she was. Most importantly, she discovered her identity and broke the chains that have been forced upon Indian women. She found out that happiness starts within oneself and that if you aren’t happy being alone, you can’t derive true happiness even after being in a relationship. If you get happy after watching latest flicks, catch the latest one at discounted prices using bookmyshow coupons available on CashKaro.com.

3 Valuable Lessons From 3 Bollywood Movies

“Never ever give up” from Mary Kom: The term “career women” has always existed in society but never “career men”. Women are told to learn multi-tasking and especially learn cooking as they are two main agendas which will ensure that their married lives run smooth. Add to it, the skills of dumbing themselves for a guy they like so as to not hurt his feelings. But what pains them most is how they are forced to kill their dreams and not pursue anything extra-ordinary in order to have a secure married life. Movie “Mary Kom” is based on the true story of a famous boxer who shuns her shyness and even goes against her family wishes to pursue something which sets her heart racing. India is a country where getting success is very hard (thanks to extreme dirty politics!) and she too faces many difficulties but finally tastes success. She had to take a break when she got married but with the support of her loving family and mentor, she bounced back and went on to receiving countless prizes and becoming an inspiration for many women! Watch her latest flick “Dil Dhadakne Do” at pvr cinemas for low prices through discount coupons present on CashKaro.com.

3 Valuable Lessons From 3 Bollywood Movies

“It’s never too late to learn” from English Vinglish: To take care of family and blend in fully with their marriage life, there are so many women who give up on their dreams. For a lucky few, there arise chances which they can take up to revive their long lost love for a certain hobby or course. But for some women, those chances are the only way to gain respect and show others what they are capable of. English Vinglish is such a movie that will pull your heart strings and leave you crying towards the end. Sridevi who is a housewife finds herself in an embarrassing situation when she is unable to place an order in an American restaurant due to her weak English skills. Plus her family too disregards her status. She enrolls herself in an English course and during that course; she not just learns the language but also finds herself becoming confident. She took hold of her own happiness and instead of crying and wailing, took action of the situation and made her family realize the true meaning of the word “Family” and how they failed to define it. Needless to say, she found her dignity and mostly by moving out of her comfort zone.


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