Ask any true car enthusiast, and they’ll tell you that a clean car drives better. While this claim may have questionable accuracy, it’s certainly true that a clean and organized car is more enjoyable to drive and ride in. To elevate your driving experience, then, it’s important to find accessories that will help protect and maintain the cleanliness of your car. To keep your ride looking great, here are four accessories that you’ll wonder how you went without.

Seat Gap Protector

How many times have you dropped french fries, coins, pens, or just about any other small item down the gap between your seat and the center console, never to be seen again? If you have a seat gap protector, this won’t be a problem any longer. Rather than falling all the way to the floor in an area you may or may not be able to reach, all your dropped items remain on top of the seat protector, making them easy to grab and continue to use.

Floor Mats

Your vehicle’s carpet is one of its most difficult surfaces to keep clean. After all, the carpet is exposed to dirt and grime on a daily basis, yet can’t be removed to throw in a washing machine. That’s why car floor mats are so important. By installing floor mats at each seating position, you allow the mats to catch all the dirt instead of the carpet. Then, when it’s time to clean, you can remove the mats and vacuum or wash them, restoring them to a like-new appearance.

12-Volt Vacuum Cleaner

While it’s important to pull out your full-size vacuum cleaner to vacuum your vehicle from time to time, having a smaller vacuum for quick touch-ups is a great way to keep your car clean. A 12-Volt vacuum cleaner will be able to plug into the auxiliary power outlet or cigarette lighter in your vehicle, meaning you won’t have to run a power cord from your vehicle to your house. Just be sure to empty the vacuum after each use, as these smaller vacuums tend to fill up quickly.

Visor Organizer

If your sun visor becomes more of a traveling file cabinet, then a visor organizer is the perfect accessory for your vehicle. Built with pockets for paperwork, slots for CDs, and straps to fit any size visor, you’ll have all you need within reach, always perfectly organized. This accessory improves organization, of course, but also improves safety since it helps prevent objects from falling into your line of sight while you’re driving.

The most important trick to keeping your car clean is to do a little bit every time you arrive at a destination. Make sure to always take in any trash that has accumulated, so it doesn’t become a major mess down the line. By taking care of your car on an ongoing basis, you’ll regularly have a vehicle you can be proud to call your own.

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