Practically every driver will have to deal with a cracked or chipped windshield at some point, and you must address that type of damage as quickly as possible if you want to avoid major problems down the road. Luckily, taking care of a damaged windshield should be relatively easy as long as you work with a reputable repair company.

Address the Damage Right Away

A small crack or chip might not seem like a big problem, but that type of damage is more dangerous than most people realize. Your vehicle’s windshield is a vital safety feature, and small cracks can compromise its integrity. The crack could also spread over time, and that is going to minimize your visibility. Once the damage has spread, you might even be fined if you are ever pulled over by a law enforcement officer.

Contact a Windshield Repair and Replacement Company

Taking care of a damaged windshield is a quick project, and you could be back out on the road within just a few hours. For relatively small chips and cracks, the technician might be able to repair the damage with clear epoxy. If the crack is more than an inch or two long, then the windshield will probably need to be replaced entirely. Windshield replacement services are the best way to ensure that your vehicle is in great operating condition.

Follow the Technician’s Instructions

After your new windshield has been installed, you must follow the technician’s instructions if you want to avoid additional problems. In a moderate climate, the adhesive that is used to install windshields usually cures within one or two hours, but the curing time could be longer if it is particularly damp. While the adhesive is curing, you should open one of your windows so that vapors don’t get trapped in the cabin.

Follow the Repairs

Even though you should be able to use your vehicle after a few hours, you are going to have retention tape on the outside of the glass. As a general rule, that tape must be left in place for one or two days. Your technician might also suggest that you avoid car washes and bumpy roads for two or three weeks. The adhesive should be incredibly strong once it has cured, but the windshield could shift if you aren’t careful.

Dealing with a damaged windshield might seem like a hassle, but a few quick repairs are going to save you from much bigger problems later on. A relatively minor chip or crack will quickly spiderweb, and that type of damage is going to compromise your visibility and safety.

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