So, your trip is ready! The tickets to Greece are in your passport now! What is more, you’ve just booked a car with the help of Enterprise rent a car in Athens and start preparations! It took you a couple of clicks with the help of your useful Rental24h app. What a helpful option for those, whose lifestyle is traveling! Now, you have enough time to get ready for a trip. Of course, this article is not going to tell what to take with you. Not at all! It’s rather a set of useful travel tips you should know before going to Greece, because forewarned is forearmed.

Sunion, Attica (Greece)


You Need CASH

If you are sure you can use your credit card only, you are wrong. It is better to have some cash. You don’t have problems to use special ATMs in the center of the city and shopping malls. You don’t know where, but it often happens that you cannot pay for a dinner in the restaurant. The credit cards are not accepted. So, always try to have some cash with you. Don’t worry! You still may use your credit card to pay for the car rental, in the big stores, central restaurants, and large supermarkets.



Smoking People

It is not a secret that about half of the Greek population smokes. If you don’t smoke, it can be very annoying for you to sit in the cafe next to the smoking people. It is ok to smoke in the cafes and restaurants in Greece. Of course, there are many places, where smoking is allowed only outdoors. Be ready to meet many smoking people in the street. Is it ok?

Watch When Driving

Greek driving is aggressive a little, especially in Athens. There is a risk to crash your car on the road. It is bad for car owners and for tourists, who are planning to rent a car. Be careful and always watch your driving, especially out of the city. Country roads are unexpectedly fast and noisy. Motorcycles are not going to keep the road rules at all! Just watch the road and those, who may overtake you on the left or the right.

El tráfico en Atenas


Smart Taxi

Taxi rates are not high. It is not a problem to stop the car in the street and ask for your destination. By the way, don’t forget to ask if the destination is comfortable for the driver or not. Don’t worry, Greeks always do that! What is more, don’t be surprised if the driver will stop the car on the road and take another passenger. And don’t even hope to share the rates. You will pay the full price for your taxi! That’s why tourists prefer rental car rates. It is cheaper and more comfortable than taking taxi every time you need it.

Book Beforehand

Greece is rather popular touristic destination. You have a chance to book tickets, car or hotel beforehand to pay less. As a rule, the earlier you pay for one or another service, the less your price will be. Do you remember the hot seasons? The prices for cars and hotels on a hot season go up! You may prevent this unpleasant and money-taking situation by booking service beforehand.

Bottled Water

Greece is a hot country. You should drink much water on a hot season. Just don’t forget to take bottled water with you, whenever you go. Especially, if you are planning to travel somewhere to the islands, you should never forget to take water with you. The most of Greek islands do not have sufficient water.

Water bottles


Learn Opening Hours

Of course, in the most of Greek cities, the big shops and restaurants work from 9 AM-9 PM. On weekend the shops close their doors earlier. What about the private shops and eateries? Traditionally, they have a break at noon, from 2:30 PM till 5:30 PM. It can also happen that on Mondays the small shops and cafes work only till 3 PM. On Sundays you can find the most of private shops closed.

Ask for WiFi

What a good luck! In Greece you can find internet everywhere, even in the isolated place. WiFi spots are available in the most of public places. Every cafe, bar or restaurant welcomes you with the WiFi access. If the connection is secured, feel free to ask for WiFi password. If you don’t want to do that, you can simply buy a prepaid internet card at a kiosk and use internet from everywhere.

Frau mit Smartphone


Of course, Greece is a beautiful and interesting country. It is full of beaches, mountains, lakes, wineries and cities to learn. Every new day takes you to explore something more and more interesting. You can be amazed of what you’ll see, take beautiful pictures and keep good memories. What is more, it is not an expensive thing to take a trip to Greece. You need little budget and some useful tips. So, just don’t be lazy to explore the city!

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