Your car’s alternator might not be a part that you think about very often. If your alternator stops working, though, you might have serious problems with your car. Your car will probably start having certain symptoms if there is something wrong with your alternator, though, so watch out for these signs so that you can take action if there is a problem.

You’re Having Trouble with Your Car Battery

If your car battery has been dying for seemingly no reason, you should first have it checked. If your car battery is fairly new or if it passes the test, then you might be having trouble with it because of a faulty alternator.

There are Lights on in Your Dashboard

You should never ignore the lights that can turn on in your dashboard. These lights are designed to let you know if there is something wrong with your car. You can check your vehicle’s owner manual to understand what each indicator light means. Some cars have special lights that turn on if a vehicle might need alternator repair Portland Oregon. If you cannot figure out what the light that is illuminated in your dash means, take your car to a mechanic’s shop to find out what the problem is.

Your Lights are Dim

One common — and rather scary — sign that a car’s alternator is failing is if the lights on the car stop working properly. Your headlights might still work, but you might notice that they are much dimmer than usual. Additionally, the lights on the inside of your car — such as your radio lights, dashboard lights, and interior lights — might be much dimmer than they typically are as well. Dim lights are not just an annoyance; dim headlights can be dangerous when you’re driving at night, so find out what is causing the problem so that you can have it fixed soon if this is something you’re dealing with. Alternator repair is a common problem for vehicle owners to have to deal with. Knowing the signs that there might be something wrong with your alternator can help you be prepared in case something goes wrong with your vehicle.

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