Your home’s cooling system is bound to be your best friend if it tends to get really hot around where you live. But there might come a time when you turn to your best friend to cool the sweat on your brow and all you get from your air-conditioner is a tepid breeze or just nothing. This means there’s obviously something wrong with your air-conditioner and the problem should not be ignored in order to avoid it worsening.

Common Faults Your Air-Conditioning System Might Need A Repairman For

Being a machine with various parts, there are a bunch of things that can go wrong with an air-conditioning system if one of those parts fail. Some of these probable faults you might witness include;

  1. Air-conditioner isn’t cooling the room

This is a clear sign something is wrong as the air conditioning fails to perform its primary function. You might notice the air coming from the system is either not as cool as it previously was or it’s not at all cool. This can be caused by a failed compressor, or the AC being low on Freon, or other technical issues.

  1. Air flow from the system is low

In the event the air pouring out from the AC is of a low pressure, or cool air isn’t being properly circulated through the house, this could be an indication that the system’s compressor is failing, or the fan is faulty. With a central cooling system, the problem can also be caused by a fault in the air ducts such as a blockage.

  1. A failed thermostat

Sometimes, the AC itself might be fine and the problem might be with its controlling system (its thermostat). This is evident when you have problems controlling your cooling system and it can be fixed by having just the thermostat replaced.

  1. Evidence of moisture or water leaks in unusual places

Cooling systems usually have some moisture around their outer components while they are in use. But there is an indication of a problem if the moisture is excessive, especially around where there previously wasn’t any. An air conditioning system that’s leaking water can be caused by a number of faults, but these two reasons are the most common culprits.

In severe cases, what might actually be leaking is the system’s refrigerant. This is bad not just for the AC but also for your health and that of everyone else’s in your home. Refrigerant leak can be a serious health risk and should be repaired immediately by a qualified repairman.

In less severe cases, water leakages might be caused by a blocked drain tube that’s supposed to drain away condensation from the air conditioner. This is bad because it creates an environment for mould and other unfavourable organisms to flourish.

  1. Strange sound emanating from the AC

If you can hear grating, or squealing, or grinding noises emanating from your air conditioner, don’t ignore it. It’s a sign that something is wrong or about to go wrong. Ignoring the problem can lead to avoidable damages and an expensive repair.

  1. Strange smells emanating from the system

An unusual or nasty smell can mean either something’s dead in the cooling vents or a wire has burnt out or is burning in the system. A musty smell can be a sign that mould is flourishing within your system. Regardless the sort of smell, you should have it looked at as soon as possible.

Most times, the fault with your air-conditioner is a simple one that can be fixed by you as long as you have the right tools. But because trying to fix a cooling unit in the absence of proper tools or necessary expertise can lead to doing more harm than good to the AC, experts like FixMyAC recommend hiring an actual professional to fix AC faults.