Improving your vehicle’s performance doesn’t need to be a time-consuming or expensive process. With a few simple upgrades, you should be able to boost your vehicle’s handling, safety, and overall power.

OBD Performance Chip

One of the easiest ways to take your vehicle to the next level is to install an OBD performance chip. That simple piece of equipment plugs directly into the OBD port, and it will manually change the settings in your vehicle’s internal computer. While some of those chips come pre-programmed with certain settings, you can also download custom programs for improved horsepower, better torque, or increased fuel economy. Before you use one of those chips, you should make sure that it won’t void your car’s warranty.

Cold Air Intake

Another simple upgrade that could have a huge impact on your vehicle’s performance and efficiency is a cold air intake. The air that is inside the engine bay can get very hot, and that will negatively impact the amount of power that the engine produces. A cold air intake filters out that warm air and pulls in cold and dense air from outside the engine bay. As long as you get a cold air intake that was designed for your vehicle, installing the device should only take a few minutes, and all you are going to need is some basic tools.

New Tires

Increasing the horsepower of your vehicle is a great start, but its handling is going to play an important role as well. Installing some high-end tires could greatly improve your vehicle’s handling while reducing its stopping distance. That enhanced handling is going to be very important if you plan on increasing your vehicle’s power by a significant amount. Better tires will also make it much safer to operate your car in wet or icy conditions.


If you plan on taking your car to the track or would simply like to maximize its performance, then you might want to buy a turbo kit. A turbocharger uses exhaust gas to spin a turbine at a very high speed, and that turbine sucks additional cold air into the engine. In turn, the cool air allows the engine to burn more fuel, and that is going to improve the total horsepower of the vehicle.

These few upgrades are a great start, but you must also make sure that your car remains well-maintained as well. Regularly having your vehicle serviced by an experienced mechanic will greatly improve its power and increase its lifespan.

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