It’s important that your windshield is in good condition at all times. It will keep you safe against things like rain and debris as you are driving. This is why you need to do everything that you can in order to keep your windshield from getting damaged. Here are four ways to prevent chips and scratches on your windshield.

Avoid Extreme Weather

You can avoid damage to your windshield by driving in avoiding extreme weather. Frigid temperatures or very hot climates can cause your windshield to become weaker and more brittle. If you hit a big bump or a small stone flies up, the weakened auto glass is more likely to crack. If it starts to hail while you’re driving, find somewhere to pull over, if possible. Park your car in a garage or another covered area to minimize damage. While you can’t always avoid extreme weather, you should try to stay away from it as much as you can to keep your windshield from being damaged.

Whether you’re on the road or safe at home, you should always try to park somewhere your vehicle will be covered and protected from the elements. While parking on the street or in your driveway may be easier and more convenient, it leaves your car exposed. A sudden storm could damage your car without you even realizing. Try to always park in a garage or carport.

Purchase New Windshield Wipers

Even if your windshield wipers look like they are in good condition, they can pick up small pieces of stone and other materials that can scratch your windows. Additionally, old wipers tend to break down, and the torn and cracked rubber and plastic can cause damage to your auto glass. It’s a good idea to replace your windshield wipers at least once a year. Fortunately, wipers tend to be inexpensive and are very easy to replace yourself.

Clean Your Windshield Often

Often, drivers don’t notice how dirty their windshield has gotten until there’s a problem. There may be all sorts of things lurking on your windshield that can scratch it once you turn your wipers on. It’s a good idea to clean your windshield often. Use an automobile glass cleaner and soft cloth to gently clean your windshield. Lift up your windshield wipers, and clean the area under them as well.

Be Mindful About Your Driving Habits

You may be able to avoid damaging your windshield by being mindful about your driving habits. Drive slowly on roadways that might have gravel or rocks on them. Avoid roadways where there’s a lot of construction or a lot of potholes in the asphalt. While it may seem inconvenient to take a detour, it can help you avoid getting scratches, chips, and cracks on your windshield.

It’s important that your windshield is in good condition so that you can remain safe while driving. By doing the four things mentioned above, you can lessen the likelihood of your windshield getting damaged. If you do find that your windshield has scratches, chips, or cracks, you need to get it replaced right away to keep you and your family safe while you’re on the road.

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