Fatigue is common symptom and this is something that many people experience at some point in their lifetime. About 20 percent of people have above normal symptoms of fatigue at varying intensity. When the condition becomes more serious, they will need to see the doctor to know the real reason for this condition. Unfortunately, it can be rather difficult to pinpoint the exact cause of this condition. The diagnosis phase can be scrutinizing and long. General fatigue can be treated with relaxation, rest and home remedies. Here are things that we should do to avoid having excessive fatigue:

4 Ways To Avoid Excessive Fatigue

  1. Don’t overwork: Any kind of emotional, mental and physical over-exertion could cause fatigue. If we work more than 60 hours a week, we don’t have enough time to rest and recover. Each of us needs proper personal time, before they go back to work. This should help us reduce stress and we will be more relaxed physically and mentally. In order to avoid overwork, we should maintain a proper personal and work schedule. Any free time we have should be used for relaxation, such as catching lost sleep or just sitting at the backyard watching the drifting clouds. Watching TV or browsing the web won’t be as relaxing and our body could actually see it as a source of stressor; especially if we watch thrilling films or reading bad web content.
  2. Have enough sleep: Lack of regular sleep pattern can decrease our mental capacity. Sleep is needed to rejuvenate our muscular, nervous, skeletal and immune system. Full rejuvenation is needed if want to function fully at a more optimal level. We shouldn’t have sleep debt that can increase drowsiness during work hours. We should get at least 6 hours of sleep each night and we should do this at a consistent hour.
  3. Exercise: Inactivity could increase fat accumulation in our tissue. This will increase the chance for obesity. Our metabolism will be reduced during a long period of inactivity. This is because our body burns fewer calories and energy is used only to maintain normal functions. With good exercise, we will maintain muscle strength and our metabolism can be kept at a higher rate. We should be able to lower the overall risk of obesity and we can stave off fatigue. Good activity should be able to steadily raise our heart rate. In fact, we don’t really need exercise to keep our body active. We can play with kids, walk briskly with our dog or do house cleaning sessions.
  4. Choose good diet: Today, many people don’t have time to cook healthy, slow food at home. There are so many fast food restaurants that offer tasty meals. However, despite their appealing taste, fast food is high in sugar and bad fat. Accessing fast food is very easy and we could simple call them to get the food delivered. In reality, it is difficult to avoid fast food. If we need to eat in these places; we should choose healthier menu that contain much vegetables and fruits; as well as less fat. As an example, we may choose tuna sandwich and we may ask for extra veggies in it.
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