When we are in pain, it is not difficult to find the reason in most instances. We complain about the aching back or yell out when we set our foot on any pointy object. We limp, as it hurts when we put pressure on the leg. We lie down in complete darkness and silence, when we have a migraine attack. Unfortunately, dogs aren’t quite easy to read. It is obvious that they can’t tell if there is something hurting them.

Some Warning Signs That Tells You It Is Time To Take Your Pet To An Emergency Vet

As a pet owner, it is often difficult to know whether your pet’s condition is a medical emergency and if it calls for immediate attention. Although certain conditions like itchy skin, diarrhea or urinary tract infections could wait until morning, there are some situations where it becomes necessary that you take the dog immediately to a vet.

Sometimes, pet owners do not mind taking their pets even at 2 A.M and in some cases they wait too long that the animals die even as they are taken into the ER.

There are some subtle signs that you need to watch for, especially if you think that your dog is in pain. Some of the warning signs that needs the attention of emergency vet ASAP are as follows –

  • Jaundiced (yellow gums)

  • Crying in pain

  • Unable to walk or move

  • Respiratory rate more than 60 breaths a minute while resting

  • Increased heart rate (greater than 160 beats a minute)

  • Pale Gums (often this is a symptom of anemia or internal bleeding)

  • Restlessness or anxiety (a sign of GDV or pain)

  • Non-productive retching

  • A bloated abdomen

  • Constant coughing

  • Inability to rest at night

  • Difficulty in breathing along with coughing of foamy, panting constantly, blue gums or stretching the neck and head while breathing

  • Tremors or seizures

  • Fever

  • Abnormal vaginal discharge

  • Toxin ingestion

  • Extreme lethargy

  • Abnormal body odor

  • Squinting or painful eyeballs

Although this is not an all-inclusive list, it gives a general idea about the signs you need to look for in your dog. When in doubt, you can call emergency veterinary hospital. The staff at the hospital will be able to guide you. Also, remember that faster you identify an issue the treatment would be less expensive.

If you see something that looks worrisome or if the odd behavior of your pet continues, visit a vet ASAP to diagnose the health problem.

Author’s Bio: Kevin Payne works with Harmony Animal Hospital, which is one of the most advanced and well equipped veterinary hospital in Apex, North Carolina. If you are in need of emergency veterinary hospital, you can visit their website to find their contact information.

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