Music playback for many is a primary application, so it is important to count on a good player.

Music players originally installed on Android suffered several changes until they were completely replaced with Google Music, a service quite nice, although it is not enabled worldwide. It is a powerful and with huge player functions, as many customers are looking for other alternatives.

When seeking applications Google Play is full of alternatives but does not mean you get quality. If you want this music app players will surely come out many applications and most will be junk. To kill you not looking and trying to find each player and as I will show in a list of highlights.


This music player is best known for Windows, and its application for Android comes with many features that enhance the use. This player for Android is very comprehensive, and feature rich. You can also sync your music from your PC or Mac wirelessly, with possibility to access internet radio stations.


This player is very powerful for Android, played local files, radio stations, podcasts, videos and music via AirSync syncs with the WI-FI network. With DoubleTwiste you can download high quality album art for music album you have. Provides a series of intelligent reproductions, AirSync and also you can transfer your items to the consoles like Xbox or PS3, or Apple TV. This application is free; you can also have a pro version.


This player has a different interface to the other, shows the issues in 3D, you can look at pictures of artists and their albums through gestures. It has its own equalizer, supports many music formats and an editor of tags for the formats it supports, has a file manager to browse the SD memory and also decreases the album covers. N7player can be downloaded free from Play Store unlimited but within 14 days, because we need to purchase to continue using the application.


This player is best known for Android, has long period Play Store, since Android began. PowerAmp has evolved over time and became the choice of many. It also supports many audio formats, has an equalizer to adjust bass and treble. Provides cross fade function (plays topics one after another with no blank in between), to visualize the letters and look through musiXmatch: PowerAmp is a free download via Play Store.