Snacking is a common activity in the workplace and some offices offer daily snacks for their employees, either free or as items that can be purchased. Many employees have small portions of breakfast, because they are in a hurry in the morning, so snacks can provide them with a boost of energy and source of nutrition. Snack complements regular meals and we should make sure that they could provide us enough nutrition. We need to avoid snacks that contain limited nutrients, but with too much sugar and fat. Low-sugar dried fruits, seeds and nuts are healthy snacks that we can be consumed at the workplace. Homemade trail mix and flavoured pistachios are healthy enough when consumed in moderate quantity. We may keep a stash of these snacks in the desk drawer, because they have long shelf life, while do not contain any unhealthy carbohydrates and fats. Nuts and seeds have complex carbohydrates that don’t burn too quickly inside our body, providing us a steady supply of energy.

Dark chocolate is also a good idea, especially if choose the one with low sugar content and minimal external additives. Dark chocolate is also packed with a lot of antioxidants, but it may not a good idea in some situation; because it can be somewhat messy. Granola is a more convenient snack to eat in the workplace, especially if you don’t eat enough for breakfast. It is possible to make your own granola, by mixing raisins, oats and honey. We should use an easy to use container that doesn’t intrude with your work activities. People often drink coffee with their snack, but there’s a better alternative. Tea is a healthier option and it may keep you going for the rest of the day. Offices should provide an option for employees to brew their own tea. Regular tea also comes with its own caffeine boost, that can make employees more productive during the sluggish afternoon hours. Sometimes, hunger is actually dehydration in disguise and by drinking a glass of water, we may have much less desire to eat.

Oranges, apple, grapes and bananas are snacks in small packages that are convenient to eat at the workplace. We don’t need knife to peel or cit them in half. Cakes and biscuits are common options that we eat in the workplace, but we should make sure that we get the best option. It’s a good idea if we bake the cookies, biscuits and cake at home. We could use healthy ingredients, such as wholemeal, grated coconut, almond, buckwheat and others. Healthy snacks don’t have to taste awful and we don’t need to force ourselves to eat them. Cakes that we purchase in bakeries are often high in fat and sugar, while using refined wheat flour, that contains much reduced nutrients. It means that cakes from bakeries could give us only empty calories. If we have become accustomed in making snacks, we may consider making our own lunch that we can eat somewhere in the workplace. Sushi and sandwich are appropriate if we use healthy ingredients.

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