It can be a difficult task to present someone with a plate full of food from all the nutrition categories who are super choosy and will hardly have something from what is being offered. As a result of this, the eaters miss out on the crucial nutrients and health values that all the others could have offered. So, here are a few healthy tips that can prove beneficial for such picky eaters. Check this out for some more fun and healthier options for the picky eaters apart from the ones mentioned below.

Include more juices in the diet:

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People who are picky with solid foods, the best way to trick them to in-taking healthy foods is by churning all of those into a tasty juice. When you are not too fond of enjoying the seasonal fruits or the fresh vegetables in their solid forms, you can turn to the consumption of their juices. The skin of a few fruits are edible and are essential contributors in providing the daily dose of fiber to your digestive system, therefore keep in mind not to peel them off while putting them into the mixture. And in the case of vegetables, you can follow a similar process of mix-and-match as in case of fruits.


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Salads will prove to be a good idea when you do not want to include the whole range of edibles in your diet. Turn to salads where you can combine some parts of your go-tos with the ones that you don’t usually prefer. This way you can fulfill both the agendas- your taste buds will be satiated and your system will not be completely devoid of the essential nutrients. A tip here that can work in your favor is that you can add your favorite variety of cheese or sauce to the salad mixture to make it tastier!

Fancy presentation and garnishing:

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Who doesn’t like to savor everything included in the plate in front of you that both looks and smells good? The food containing decent portions from all nutrition groups when presented in front of you in the most stunning form, there’s no way that anyone will be able to deny it. Therefore choosing a creative presentation for the eater can successfully help you to convince them to have it despite what it contains.

Try substitutes:

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If you have not been a big fan of a certain kind of food, it is not always necessary that you will be deprived of the crucial nutrients that it contains; there are so many substitutions of it available in the market that has the same food value but are only better or different in taste than the ones that you have chosen to keep away from. One thing that you must keep in mind while turning to these options is that drop the synthetic and processed foods as much as possible and try to turn towards their natural options.

Exclusive recipes:

The best option that we think you can turn to serve food to a picky eater is creating exclusive recipes that contain the inevitable categories of vegetables or fruits or cereals or grains to make it a healthy diet. For instance, in case of children, if they are fond of chicken, you can use the vegetables in form of a coating of stuffing inside the layers that will keep them craving for more and the portion will be happily gulped down in one go without any complaints.

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