Carpets do so much for us. They comfort our feet, warm our houses, boost our decor and truly make a home a home. But if they aren’t cared for properly, they can be ruined! Even the most well-meaning homeowner can accidentally make an error when trying to keep a clean carpet – and these flubs can be both inconvenient and expensive! Read on to find out how to maintain carpet cleanliness and avoid costly mistakes.

Don’t Procrastinate

We’ve all been there. Aware that we have a big task to do but not wanting to commit to the time or the phone calls that the job will require. When it comes to your carpets, get over it. Those fibres you walk on every day can only take so much dirt, spilled food, pet dander, dumped juice boxes and all the other dust and grime from daily life. Vacuum regularly and have them professionally cleaned at least annually in order to keep them at their best.

Use the Correct Products

Store shelves are full of products for cleaning carpets, from powders to liquids, with labels advertising them as gentle or tough on grime. Carpets can be irrevocably damaged by strong chemicals, though, so it is very important that you know exactly what your carpet requires. Is it made of wool or polyester fibres? Is the dye job colour fast or might it bleed? If you’re determined to do the cleaning yourself, be sure to test your chosen cleaning products on an unseen area, or else utilized a professional service to prevent the risk.

Don’t Overuse Deodorizers

Dogs love carpets, don’t they? Who hasn’t observed a happily snoring dog stretched out in the sun, relaxing into a long nap on a plush berber? Where there’s a dog, though, there’s usually a dog smell. As an animal lover, you might consider this an acceptable compromise but don’t compensate by overusing powered deodorizer on your fragile carpet fibres. Too much powder can actually build up, resulting in a dingy looking carpet that’s anything but clean. Instead, vacuum regularly and, if your lovable fur babies are particularly odiferous, ask a professional about having your carpets cleaned more often than once a year.   

These are just a few tips to keep you from making mistakes that might end up costing the price of a whole new carpet upgrade. By properly caring for your carpets, you can avoid the risk of ruining them and instead enjoy clean and fresh smelling floors.

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