In a world awash with waste, being able to make something work double-duty is a welcome opportunity. It is especially welcome when it comes to clothing. Not only does clothes waste clog landfills, but from a financial perspective, it’s always great economically to be able to get more wear for your money.

One of the easiest, most eccumenical multi-purpose items in your wardrobe is the dress. Of course, some dresses work better than others. Simple dresses can transition beautifully from day to night since their clean lines and voluble style lend themselves to blending.

The Sheath Dress

The sheath dress is a classic for a reason: it’s endlessly figure flattering, and it’s simple still renders it perfect for multiple occasions. It can be dressed down with a jean jacket and a pair of ballet flats, or dresses up with a pair of heels and shoulder-dusting earrings.


There’s a reason fashion experts always say every woman needs a beautiful little black dress (LBD). It’s because they do. This wardrobe staple is just as stunning at a cocktail party as it is on the dance floor of a club as it is at a wedding reception.

The key to taking a LBD from day to night rests in (you guessed it!) the accessories. However, with the LBD, one of your most powerful accessories is one of the most overlooked: namely, your hair. While you might wear your favourite LBD with a classic ponytail for a day at the office, a French twist takes it to red carpet ready in mere minutes.

The Slip Dress

It’s may seem inconceivable that the same dress could be worn with simple, strappy flat sandals and a pair of towering, blinged out stilettos, but the slip dress proves that less can do so much more.

To take your slip dress from day to night, consider playing with texture and shine. For instance, sport your slip dress with a pair of leather gladiator sandals and a narrow leather choker for a beautiful bohemian day look, then take it to night with a pair of opened toed strappy heels, and a pair of drop pearl earrings.

Each of these dresses emits power through understatement, and possibility through simplicity. This is precisely what makes them the perfect dresses to totally transform your look from day to night.

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