Abdominal muscles or abs play a significant role in one’s physique. Ab muscles arise from the ribs and get attached at various points of pelvic bones. They are responsible for coordination between upper and lower body.

These muscles not only protect the abdominal organs but also deliver flexibility.  Their functions include supporting a supine posture at the same time enabling a full range of motion.

Best abs workout for Men’s

Best abs workout for Men

The complex anatomy of deep abdominal and back muscles form the core of our body. A strong abdominal core stabilizes the spine and protects it from undue injury.

Flat abs or six-packs have become a benchmark for physical fitness and sex appeal in men. We may associate six-pack abs with a show of vanity and self-importance in young men. But no one can ignore the importance of flat abs for physical fitness. Flat abs state a body that is healthy and disciplined.

Why core Exercises for Men are important?

There is one thing that should be the primary target of core strengthening exercises. That is a balance between the back and abdominal muscles. Back muscles are strong in nature as compared to the abdominal muscles. If you do not pay attention to abdominal muscles, it may give rise to backaches and increased risk of injury. So more than vanity, core strengthening exercises for men are important for physical fitness especially in case of abs after 40.

Professional trainer Chris Robinson says he has observed more men with an imbalance of strength between the back and abdominal muscles. Almost Ninety percent of his male clients, as opposed to 20% of my female clients, have stronger back than abdominal musculature. Some of the best workout plans for men to build muscle are beneficial in every way.

Strong back muscles are important adjuncts to sturdy core muscles. They deliver the flexibility that enables you to perform movements in all directions. They also support an erect posture so your abs look more flat. A strong core reduces the risk for hernia, a common condition in aging men.

Yet a common misunderstanding often holds you back from getting abs after 40. That is: having belly fat halts the process of achieving fabulous abs. Well, it is a half-truth. A protuberant belly does mask your efforts at ab exercises for men.

Trying out the abs diet may help. However, the situation changes as you keep up your efforts. Strengthening and stretching the core muscles gradually tones them up. Increased muscle tone revs up the metabolic rate, which in turn helps you lose belly fat.  So even if you target abs over 50 years of age, you will get the desired results.

What constitutes the best ab workout for Men

When it comes to the best ab exercises for men, there is no one size fits all. The reason is simple: every individual has a unique physique dictated by inimitable genetic code. The muscle will maintain its size but pick up strength. However, to achieve results faster, you need to trim down belly fat by adopting healthier dietary habits and cutting back on the caloric count.

Abs are a muscle. All muscles can be strengthened while still beneath the fat. Simultaneously strengthening your ab muscles and losing weight, your abs take a leap forward. A vicious cycle begins that results in stronger and firmer abdominal muscles supported by a solid back.

Fortunately, you do not need to purchase heavy equipment to do 6-pack exercise for your abs. Most of them are ab workouts for men at home that require little or no equipment. Their intensity levels may differ. Enlisted below are some best core exercises for men. You can pick and choose according to your level of fitness. We would suggest selecting abdomen exercise for beginners if you are new to the game. Men over the age of 40 to 60 should select abdominal exercises for seniors.

The Best abs workout for Men

  1. Ab Crunches

Ab crunches tighten the rectus abdominis muscle and obliques. Simple to do, tried and tested and foolproof method of harnessing your abs.  Yet, most effective ab exercises like crunches may fail to deliver results if not done right. It is important to note that you do not have to go hard on abdominal exercises.

Repetition and frequency exerted in the proper form is the key to get great abs. If someone tells you crunches are no good, you must know they are not doing it in proper form. Here are some dos and don’ts of doing an abdominal crunch with accuracy and full form.

  • Crunches and sit-ups are different from each other. Crunches are defined by the movement of the rib cage towards the belly button, thereby engaging the rectus abdominis. If you go too high, hip flexors move into action and the effort goes in vain.
  • Do not use momentum to go through a crunch routine. Use core strength.
  • Keep your neck from straining at the same time sparing help from arms and hands.
  • Do a full crunch. relaxing on your way down means you are exerting partial effort.
  • Exhale while you go up. It will maximize your crunch effort.

Training experts describe a full crunch as:

  • Lie down on your back with legs bent and feet shoulder-width apart.
  • Place your hands behind your neck or fingertips around your ears. You can also place your arms crossed on your chest with elbows directing forward or at either side.
  • Keeping an apple-sized distance between your chin and chest, raise your chest a few inches above the ground. do not arch your back. keep your hips and legs fixed on the ground.
  • Exhale as you come up, concentrating on moving your ribs towards the belly button.
  • Inhale as you move back engaging the abdominal muscles until placed back on the ground.
  • At the end of each repetition, pause and reset before beginning another crunch.
  1. Sit-up

When you go up all the way to sitting position, a crunch converts into a sit-up. One of the abs workout routines for men, it engages multiple muscles including

  • Muscles of neck
  • Chest
  • Hip flexors
  • Lower back

By engaging more muscles, sit-ups cause increased calorie loss. However, a sit-up is not for newbies. If not done properly, they carry a risk of injury to your lower back or neck muscles. So start with crunches and procced to sit-ups with the appropriate time.

  1. Reverse Crunch

Time to up your game with reverse crunch. Doing crunches and sit-ups regularly in full form starts delivering results but what to do with the lower abdomen. That is the most stubborn group of muscles in the abdomen.

If you want to convert your abdominal muscles from 4 to 6 count, reverse crunch is best for lower ab workouts for men. They engage rectus abdominis and transverse abdominis thereby hitching the internal abdominal band.  To avoid any injury to your back and reap full results, follow the steps:

  • Place your crunch position.
  • Keep your pelvis fixed into the ground at lower back and belly button. Lift your feet off the ground with your knees joined together and bent a right-angle.
  • Raise your tailbone by engaging the core muscles and bring your legs to your chest.
  • Lift your upper body by moving your chest off the floor in a traditional crunch.
  • Move back to starting position without placing your feet on the floor. Start the next rep.
  1. Bicycle Maneuver

Another best ab workout for men at the age of forty and beyond includes the bicycle maneuver. Its efficiency is proven by research. The American Council on Exercise conducted a study to measure and compare the effectiveness of different ab exercises. The bicycle maneuver outshone the rest of the workouts. When compared to a traditional crunch, the bicycle move showed surprising results.

“It produced about two and a half times as much activity in the rectus abdominis, and nearly three times as much activity in the obliques.”

So if you want to move up the ladder in creating 6 packs abs for yourself, go for bicycle maneuver. Here is how to do it right:

Lie down flat on the floor. Keep your hands at the side of your head. Bending your knees at 45 degrees, raise your legs. Keep your back fixed on the ground. This will ensure you are using your core muscles. Start moving your legs as if you are pedaling a cycle. The range of pedaling includes touching your elbow to raised knee on the opposite side. Keep breathing during the whole ritual.

  1. Stability Ball Crunch

Stability ball crunch takes the basic abdominal crunch to all new level. The efficiency of crunches increases if done on a big inflatable ball.

The same ACE study mentioned above concluded that crunches are done with the help of exercise ball “generated 39% more activity in the rectus abdominis, and 47% more activity in the obliques than a traditional crunch done on a floor mat”.

How to do it right? Read on:

  • Select an exercising ball which corresponds to your height. A 26-inch ball is appropriate for men with heights of 5 feet 8 inches to 6 feet 2 inches.
  • Do not inflate the ball fully. If the ball presses slightly under your weight, it is perfect.
  • Keeping your feet flat on the floor, sit on the ball and then roll back till your midsection comes at the top.
  • Make the crunch position with thighs parallel to the ground and knees bent at an angle of 90. Direct your elbows outwards and support your head with your hands.
  • Perform the crunch as per your convenient position.
  1. The Plank

Planks seem simple enough to perform yet they are one of the best ab workouts for men. Firstly, they engage your entire core muscles. More muscles mean more caloric burn out. A 10-minute plank workout equals to an hour of crunches literally. Planks employ muscles of legs, arms, front and back. An all-in-one body toner exercise. Try out best men’s exercises for belly fat.

Perform each of the following planks for about 30 seconds and repeat the entire series for two more times.

  • Classic plank: Start by placing yourself in a plank position. Raise your body on your elbows in such a way that your body is parallel to the ground from shoulders to feet. Suck in your belly and breathe deeply.
  • Plank with leg raise: Extend your plank position with a leg raise. Keeping your foot flexed, raise your leg off the ground till you are comfortable. Do it ten times, repeat with the other leg.
  • Side plank: Shift your plank position to your left side. Keeping your knees straight, lie down on your left. With the support of your left elbow and left arm, raise your hips to a straight line. Keep your feet stacked. Tuck in your abs and hold this position for 30 seconds.
  • Repeat the side plank with leg raise.
  • For a straight-arm plank, get into the topmost position of a push-up. Keep your body in a straight line with feet closer together. Brace your tummy in and hold for 30-seconds. Up the plank game by doing a shoulder tap, alternating with right and left shoulder. You can put in some more effort by combining this plank with an arm raise.
  1. Pilates

Pilates is a set of exercises involving different moves and positions that work various group of muscles. One should opt for Pilates once a certain form of fitness level is achieved. It is certainly not for beginners. Contrary to belief, Pilates is as effective as the best ab workout for men as it is for women. It enlists as one of the trending ab exercises for men. However, one should perform Pilates under the supervision of an instructor especially if doing it for the first time.  For men.

  1. Knee raise while hanging

If you have access to a pullup bar, knee raise can be simplest yet most-effective of Best abs workout for Men. Hang from a bar with the palm facing outwards, shoulder-width apart. Keep your feet aligned together.

Bend your lower body at hips and knees at the same time. Lift your thighs to your upper body as far as it is convenient for you. Make sure to engage your core muscles for the movement. Do not swing your hips and legs too much.

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