While positive and upbeat outlook won’t instantly cure cancer, diabetes and heart diseases; it is commonly seen that positive mental state has huge impacts on our long-term health condition. There’s nothing that comes directly from positive thinking, but we know that it will improve our lifestyle; making prevention and treatment of diseases can be performed much more easily. Obviously, we won’t get healthier by having dark outlooks on our lives. Although there’s no direct evidence that gloominess will directly make us unhealthy; we know that people who have sudden depression tend to feel unwell or even to have cold.

Although positive thinking may seem like a quasi-metaphysical idea, doctors often advise us to look the bright side; because we will get well easier. Positive thinking is often associated with creative visualizations and affirmations. We can use this to visualize about good health and it is quite certain that this will shape our mindset to adopt healthier lifestyle and undergo specific treatments. Self-healing movements rely on positive thinking and they argue about the existence of an “infinite intelligence” that will come to our aid. Whether we accept this idea or not, we should still embrace good positive thinking pattern. We should make sure that each day, we do net positive things to our health. We can perform positive activities by eating healthy food, exercising and others; while avoiding negative ones. This can be achieved if we have positive outlook on our lifestyle.

Some people consider that positive thinking is similar to prayer. However, prayer is more associated by having formal requests for direct intervention by a supreme being or other entities. Positive thinking is a different thing and by having upbeat attitudes, we are able to set off a chemical chain reaction to boost our chance of getting healthier and better. Despite resistance by the regular scientific community, it is believed that by being compassionate, spiritual and optimistic; our body will respond in a more positive way. Of course, cancer doesn’t care whether we are inconsiderate or compassionate, vicious or virtuous, bad or good. However, positive thinking can help us do things in a more appropriate way for our own health.

No one can deny that positive thinking can have positive effects on our health; have we should be aware that enforced optimism may bring negative things on patients. They could be exposed to incessant pressure to think positively. It could impose a huge burden on patients and they could actually become depressed. Thinking positively while having an illness, especially a serious one, will require significant mental energy. Some people could become more positive, while others can’t achieve the same state. We should link health to positive thinking that produce healthy lifestyle. However, linking health to good personal virtue could be a bad science. However, people who think positively tend to have positive personal behaviours; so there’s a relation, although it is indirect. So, regardless of our condition; we should try to look at the brighter side, because we will likely make positive lifestyle decisions that can affect our health positively.

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