Technology is advancing with the speed of a rocket. There is so much happening in the tech world that we are unable to keep up with the pace. Staying abreast with the latest trends, everyone looks to buy their favorite gadget at an affordable price. Check out Amazon India Coupons or Flipkart coupons if you want to save money while buying your favorite products online. Let’s find out today the highly anticipated technologies of the present time.

Google Earth Pro is Now Free

Google Earth is the most popular online mapping software. It is like your own Magic Ball through which you can explore the world, without stepping out of your room. We all loved it from the moment it arrived; archeologists have pinpointed thousands of potential ancient ruins, trolls have used to find entertaining side of natural landmarks and man-made objects when peeked from satellites have used to point out where something hashappened. Not complaining here, but we had been stuck with limited resolutions, data layers and tiring job of manual navigation for each location, until now.

Google, the master of driverless technologies, has now lifted off the conditions, making Google Earth Pro business free. Now you can enjoy resolution up to 4,800 x 3,200, record HD movies of your virtual environment, measure 3D buildings and import thousands of addresses all at once. It may not look huge, but it means a lot to enthusiasts out there. Besides, it is free once you pay $399 for yearly subscription.

New Swatch Smartwatch

Swatch is soon going to launch a smartwatch which will be able to host and communicate Android and Windows’ software programs. In other words, features like mobile payments and thousands other are now at the disposal of your wrist watch. The device will connect via NFC to compatible version of both platforms. Additionally, the watch won’t require recharging.

It may not be a big leap in wearable technology, but it is for Swatch. The manufacturing of smart watches had been limited to iOS, Android Devices or few other electronic companies. It is the first time that a watchmaker has joined the race, which is going to invoke more competition. The Swiss company has been making stylish and expensive watches with over thirty years of excellence.

Youtube Working to go Multi-view

Youtube is experimenting with a new technology that will allow you to view the same video from multiple angles, switchable during the live streaming. Currently, Youtube supports single video clip, but with the arrival of Choose Your View, you will be getting stream from four different video clips and all with different camera angles.

The alpha phasing tech was demonstrated successfully by youtube last December in a video featuring Madilyn Bailey. This video is so far the only example put out for public to test it out and see how it will look. Simply click on one of the four thumbnails on the right side of the clip and youtube will fetch you feed directly from that camera. Alternately, you can use keyboard for the same purpose by pressing numbers 1-4 or the left and right arrow keys.

Previously, Streamweaver and Switchcam had a trial run with multi-view videos, but it is not an easy feature to implement. Who knows, with big guns like Youtube it might turn up well. Youtube is also planning to add support for 360-degree videos in the coming days.

Ubuntu Arrives in Smartphones

Do you know that your Android phone is actually a Linux-based operating system? Yes, it is but of course, with a bit of customization and modification. Now, Linux is coming to your handsets in its much purer form, Ubuntu!

The BQ Aquaris E4.5 Ubuntu Edition is heading for the marketplace to contend against its rivals; sales start from the next week. It seems a lifetime when discussion about Ubuntu phones was in talks. Back in 2013, Conical Group started working on the idea of Ubuntu-based smartphones, a project that would later receive support of $12.8 million through crowdfunding. Though, it is an achievement in itself that the dream has been realized, but it is not as cutting-edge as it was anticipated to be. Well, how pretty a first generation Ubuntu phone can be, I mean you certainly love Windows 8, but looking back at Windows 98, you get the clue.

So now you are aware of the buzz. Stay in touch for more.