Car accidents can be very stressful and dangerous. In many cases, car accidents are caused by external factors, such as animal encounters and bad weather conditions. Some of these accidents are considered acceptable by insurance providers, but others may not. In this case, car owners could feel that there aren’t at fault during the accident, when in fact they are. In general, we should make sure that we have tried to do everything possible to avoid the accident. Unfortunately, insurance providers could have a different view. These are some car accidents that could or couldn’t be accepted by your insurer. Here are common examples of them:

4 Types of At-Fault Car Accidents

  1. Driving while distracted: Distractions are a common cause of accidents and such a situation is on the rise. These days, many drivers prefer to multitask when they are driving. Unfortunately, it is a common cause of distraction among many people. On board TV, GPS equipments, smartphones and other gadgets can really take away our attentions. If distractions cause us to lose control of our car and it gets damaged, then it is possible that the insurance company will consider us as at-fault. In this case, it is important for us to try to minimize any kind of multitasking. Cellphones shouldn’t be used when we are driving on the road.
  2. Extreme weather: Driving in extreme weather may or may not avoidable. Slick roads are a common cause of car accidents and it can be caused by heavy rain or accumulation of ice on paved roads. In reality, it can be really difficult to spot ice spots while we are driving on the road. Driving on these slick patches could cause us to lose control of the car. This could cause us to hit snow banks, guard rails, tree or ditch. In this case, we could be considered as at fault. It could be somewhat difficult to claim insurance disbursement when we have accidents during extreme weather conditions. In this case, we should try to stay at home during extreme weather condition.
  3. Pot holes: Even in countries with well-developed transportation networks, pot holes can be real problems for drivers. In colder areas, severe climate could damage roads progressively. Hitting a deeper pot hole can be a cause of car accident and in this case, the driver can be at-fault. This could be rather unfair, because pot holes can be very difficult to see, especially at night. Insurance companies seek to avoid paying for damages caused pot holes, because they can be prevented by slower driving. If we are driving in rural areas, especially at night, it is a good idea to drive slower and expect to see some pot holes on the road.
  4. Animal: Wild animals can also be the cause of road accidents and they can quite unavoidable. However, car insurance may consider it as a preventable accident. They may argue that drivers should drive slowly in roads that are known to have some wild animals nearby. If we swerve and hit a tree, the insurance provider could consider this as an at-fault accident.
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