What often differentiates a successful merchant from the competitors is a unique approach that attracts customers. If you are thinking about upgrading your online store with an appealing feature, consider product configuration, one of the most trending ways to boost your sales.

What is product configuration? It is an option for your customers to choose certain characteristics of the product and customize it to their liking before checkout. Having product configuration brings numerous advantages to the website. First of all, product configurator is a toy that allows customers to create something that is one of a kind, make final decision on what their purchase will look like. Customizing a color or adding an extra accessory might be exactly what persuades your client to buy. It also keeps the visitors on your website long enough for them to find out about your sale, special offers or free delivery. Another advantage is shipping, warranty, accessory combinations that change the final price. Customers feel entitled to make decisions that influence how much money they are charged, it gives an added feeling of control and security.

Online Store Customization: Advantages Of Custom Product Configurators

How do you add customization to your web store? You can use one of many solution that have already been built for various ecommerce platforms. Another option is development of custom product configurators for your website with consideration of your product specifics and system requirements. Most product configurators are easy to set up and configure. Based on your products, unlimited number of product configuration pages can be created. Product builders look differently depending on which features of the product you need to be customizable. In all of them you can add images and CSS and fit it in your webpage design. What is important to check beforehand about product configurators is that all the changes into the product should be made without browser refreshing each time, a must-have requirement for a quality customer experience.

Custom developed product builders give you more options and refined look. If 3d printing is involved, custom service would be your best option, as not many applications are well-adjusted to working with 3d technique, which requires a 360-degree view and a selection of materials and textures. Based on what mobile devices your store is accessed from the most, product configurators need to be adjusted respectively.

Custom product configuration might be a breakthrough improvement your web store needed. Investing in developing new features for your customers will result in significant increase of traffic and sales, as well as bring flexibility to your product line and support services.

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