Property market globally has been able to generate more sales and profitability by utilizing online and offline business opportunities, more over marketing and advertising can be easily carried out. Social media has pretty active these days as real estate agents are using different tools and techniques to market their properties online through face book, twitter and LinkedIn.

Face book has one of the best social media platforms for customer to interact with the real estate agents by liking their face book and help them to get abreast of all the latest industry, property prices, product catalogue and the exact location which is directly linked with online website.

The customers can directly coordinate with themselves if they are looking for buying property in noida , with online website and they have been able to purchase property provided with pictorial presentation and finding the exact location on the website. They can easily purchase the properties through selection of the budget according to the desired level of purchasing power.

Tools and Techniques for Marketing and Advertising

Different tools and techniques are being used by real estate agents to have them penetrate the property market although competition is very tough with respect to marketing and advertising. The attraction of the international investor along with the local investors has boost the value of properties in India,

As with the passage of time more and more international investor are pouring heavily on the development of infrastructure of leading industries. The investors being done by multinational companies here in India has increased the property value along with benefitting the tourisms industry.

Tools and techniques which are being used by the real estate agents to conduct marketing and advertising of their property which has been recently launched has certain advantages to boost the sales and revenue along with the investment being made by international as well as local investors.

Advantages of different tools being used by real estate agents are as follows:

  • Real estate agents are now in a competition with the international real estate agents due to strong presence in the social media.
  • The sale of the real estate agents with respect to properties which has sold to international investor is increasing Foreign Direct Investment in the country.
  • The social media is now bringing real estate agent into confrontation with local as well as international counterparts to enable them to reach wider target audience.