Lack of sleep is not the only thing that can affect your energy levels. Some things you do, or stop doing, can also affect you mentally and physically and make it through the day difficult.

Some things are obvious: driving and operating heavy machinery. But there are other smaller which sometimes do we realize and we fail to recognize the impact they can have on our lives.

5 Things You Should Not Do When You're Tired

So handy to have this list of things you should not do when you’re tired.

Publish on Social Networks

It may seem silly, but the reality is that there should not be published on social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and others) when you are tired, because you’re more irritable and perhaps judgment a little cloudy, and the next day you regret you did, or even ruin a relationship because of a misplaced comment, the result of fatigue.

Face Difficult Tasks

This is especially true at work. If you have a large gathering or an interview, you need to be alert and on your best way to answer questions, Plus it should not yawn in front of someone important! No matter what the task, especially if trying to repair something, leave it for when you’re better rested.


As should not go grocery shopping when you’re hungry, it is not prudent to do when you’re too tired. And that have low energy levels increase your impulsivity, so you’re more likely to tempt and buy things you do not need and do not agree.

Trying to Determine how Tired you are

It is paradoxical, but people can not really recognize how are married when they are fatigued and less alert. For though you think you are on top form, the reality is different, as demonstrated by the experiments involving tired drivers, it takes longer to react to what they think and are more at risk to suffer or cause accidents.

Discuss Important Issues

When you’re tired, your judgment is clouded and you become more irritable than usual. As my father often said, “the tired man fight.”And women too! So you better go get some rest for tomorrow and let this important conversation with your partner, your friend, your son, your boss or your attorney.

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