If you’ve been suffering from a throbbing yet dull ache, pain, weakness, or burning sensation in the abdomen, then perhaps it is because of a condition such as hernia. You’ve done the right thing; you have gone to the doctor, sought medical advice, and had a surgery. Good for you – it’s the correct choice, a choice unfortunately only 20% of the sufferers of hernia make. But how do you recover successfully from hernia surgery? Here is a list of things to do (and not to do) whilst recovering from hernia surgery.

A List Of Top Dos and Don’ts Whilst Recovering from Hernia Surgery

Some checks before you go home: As is usual with surgery, you’ll wake up a little disoriented, wondering where you are – and you’ll notice that you have an IV tube stuck in your arm. This IV contains essential liquids and may also contain some pain medication to help you recover in those initial moments after surgery. You’ll be fed and you’ll get something to drink, but don’t consider those items handed to you as a true meal – they’re actually there to test your internal system. Doctors will expect you to be able to walk and urinate properly before they let you go. Make sure you have someone to pick you up, as they won’t let you drive yet.

Pain medication: It’s quite possible that you may feel that you don’t need any additional medication when you leave the hospital – but that’s probably because of the benefit of the IV they have given you, and the lack of activity in the hospital itself. Doctor’s advice you to fill your prescription, even if you feel you may not need it. The return to normal activity means you’ll be moving more, and this may require adjustment as well. Often, though, all you need is a simple painkiller. Talk to your physician about it to be sure.

Dos and don’ts

  • Shower with care. Ask your physician or specialist about it – you may have to wait a day or two, or even longer for taking a shower, and may have to take sponge baths at first.

  • Exercise. Do it – it increases your circulation. But be very careful and don’t overdo it; walk around as much as you can but never run. When you’re tired, rest. Take it easy.

  • Driving. You may not be able to drive due to the anaesthesia – and you may not be able to do so until you have fully recovered due to the pain medication.

Remember, you’ve been in surgery – and whilst hernia surgery is no longer a complicated procedure, there is still much reason to take it easy and follow the physician’s advice. Follow the recommendations of the experts in hernia surgery in Surrey and laparoscopic surgery in London such as The London Surgical Group, and make sure to focus your attention on a thoroughly speedy recovery.

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