Every modern day woman has a solid makeup bag. No matter the occasion – every day, going out, work, or special events – there are certain makeup products that are essential, no matter where your day may take you. So here are a few of our favorites so that you have everything you could need to look gorgeous.

What Should Be In Your Makeup Bag


Finding the right foundation is best done through trial and error. Whether you use liquid, cream, or powder, you have to find which is the best coverage for your skin type. If your skin tends to be oily, a powder foundation could be perfect for you. If your skin is on the drier side, a liquid foundation could be a great way to balance out your face. The key with foundation is to make sure the color matches perfectly. Ask someone at the department store or makeup counter for their help, and they will test out some shades on you and find the one that fits your skin tone!


Though foundation is a perfect base to even out your skin, concealer goes the extra mile in covering up blemishes and making your skin as flawless as possible. Concealers come in all forms, so it’s good to find one that goes really well with your foundation. You’ll want them to blend really well, and get long lasting coverage.


Even if you have nothing else on your face, mascara can make a world of difference in your makeup. Highlighting your lashes is essential! Finding a great mascara should be at the top of your list, because it can dress you up with just a few swipes of the wand. If you’re not sure what to buy yet, try a few out at the department store, or buy smaller sizes from a place like Sephora that has cheaper versions for people who want to test drive new makeup.

What Should Be In Your Makeup Bag


The great thing about eyeliner is it makes your eyes pop, and depending on the color and amount that you use, compliment your face for any occasion. Whether you want to darken up your eyes when you go out, or swipe on a light brown, eyeliner is sure to complete your look. Eyeliner comes in a tradition pencil, twist up, or in liquid form with a brush or as a pen. If you’re not looking for perfection and want more of a smudged/natural look, the pencil is definitely the way to go. Don’t forget to accessorize your look with adequate diamond earrings that match your makeup style.


For your lips, it’s great to have a tinted lip balm that not only gives a little color, but more importantly, protects you from the elements. With an SPF, you get added protection, as well as color that complements your complexion. It’s also great because it isn’t sticky or clumpy like lip gloss, and you don’t have to reapply it as often as lipstick. If you want to give your lips a little added boost, you should definitely invest in a lip plumper – which helps smooth your lips as well as give them more definition. It’s the perfect product for getting full, beautiful lips.


Depending on your skin tone, you should have at least one kind of blush in your kit. For those with fairer skin, it’s best to get a bronzer which can brighten your face, or a pinkish tone that will pop. For darker skin, making sure you get a bold color is perfect for everyday and formal use to highlight your cheekbones.

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